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Clean Your Makeup Brushes With Organic Soap

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You can Clean Your Makeup Brushes with Organic Soap in three easy, quick steps. Well, how quick it goes depends on how dirty they are.

Clean your makeup brushes the easy way with organic soap. They are among your best friends you know.intelligentdomestications.com

My makeup brushes go where I go, on weekend trips, vacation or any special event. Ladies, let’s face it, our makeup brushes are just as important to us as the tools in our men folks toolboxes! Would you agree with that?

Just like wrenches and tools have to be wiped clean from use, our makeup brushes need cleaning from time to time. If you dwell on how many times you’ve applied powder or blush without cleaning your makeup brushes, you may be shaking your head right now. 

I’m sharing my easy method to clean makeup brushes. It will only take a few minutes of your busy schedule.

Clean your makeup brushes with organic soap.intelligentdomestications.com

There are many different ideas about how to clean your makeup brushes but I like to use organic soap. 

Organic soap is my guilty pleasure. What’s yours? 

Place a small amount of water in a small bowl. Set the soap into the water to wet the bar.

Begin by rinsing your brushes under warm water to wet them and allow the loose makeup to rinse off.

Swirl the brush on the top of the soap. You can see this is my blush brush and it was terribly in need of cleaning!

Clean your makeup brushes with organic soap.Gently swirl the brush around on the soap.intelligentdomestications.com

I swirl mine around really well to incorporate the soap into all of the bristles. You don’t want the brush to loose it’s shape but that won’t happen in just a few seconds of cleaning time.

Rinse under warm water using your fingers to massage the soap out of the bristles which will also help with the cleansing process. If the water doesn’t run clear, repeat the soapy process until the brushes are clean.

Dry lying flat on paper toweling or a clean dry towel. I always allow mine to dry overnight.

How often you need to clean your makeup brushes depends on how often you use them. You may use some more often than others which means you don’t need to clean them all every time. 

If you are a big fan of frugal, like me, you don’t spend money on needless items to clutter up the cabinets. There are plenty of products on the market for the sole purpose of cleaning makeup brushes.  I’m all about frugal living so I do what works using what I have. 

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes with Organic Soap.intelligentdomestications.com

Three easy step to clean your makeup brushes.

  1. Lather
  2. Rinse
  3. Dry

Organic soap is my guilty pleasure. You can find organic soap in a variety of places including the local farmer’s market or your local health food store. The bonus to shopping at the local farmer’s market is that you will be buying products grown locally. Most farmer’s markets do have a vendor selling organic soaps. 

Once you get those makeup brushes clean, plan a big date night out!

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  1. I have been looking for a gentle way to clean my brushes. My make up brushes cost a good bit and I splurge for good ones so they are not disposable. I’m going to seek out some organic soap and give this a try.

  2. I have a cosmetic brush cleanser that I use, but like the idea of cleaning with organic soap even more. My brushes are due for a cleaning, so I’ll have to try this.

  3. Our farmer’s market doesn’t carry organic soaps, unfortunately. I usually buy mine online. My guilty pleasure is organic coconut oil, though. It’s not for cleaning makeup brushes. I use it on my hair and it does wonders!

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