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Beacon Drive In Spartanburg, S.C

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Join my husband, Stacy and I as we enjoy the best local hot dogs on our journeys! Do you have a favorite local hot dog place? We are not world travelers. Truth is, we don’t stray too far from the deep south. But no matter how far we roam, we look for the local hot dog joint! Tell us where your favorite local hot dog place is and we may just drop in! Visit our Hot Dog Tour page to see where we have been.

We traveled to Monroe N.C. recently for a family event. Our route took us right by Drive InSpartanburg S.C. along the way so we stopped in ‘The Beacon’ to try their hot dogs.

The Beacon Drive In is very similar to The Varsity located in Atlanta, Ga. which is the largest drive-in in the U.S. The Beacon is the second largest. It’s famous in South Carolina and a favorite for the locals. The Beacon is the largest single seller of iced tea in the U.S. making more than 62,500 gallons of tea per year. That’s a LOT of tea folks!

Beacon Drive In Iconic Lighthouse sign

The Iconic Beacon Drive-In lighthouse sign.

Hot dogs on a paper plate

Let’s talk about the ‘dogs’.  They were great. My hubby ordered two chili dogs and I got the slaw dog. The wieners have a smoked flavor which we both enjoyed. The chili is good and so is the slaw. Two thumbs up on the ‘dogs’!

a hamburger piled up with fried onion rings

How about that plate ‘A Plenty’! It’s the Beacon burger ‘A Plenty’ which means piled up with both fries and onion rings. That’s plenty of fries and rings for everyone at your table!

a very big double cheeseburger sliced in half

You may actually prefer to cut the Beacon burger into bite size pieces with a knife and fork. It was one of the best burgers I’ve eaten at a local eatery. Yes, that is slaw you see in the middle which is what I enjoyed about the burger the most. Their slaw is really good.

A Pimento Cheese Sandwich and fried onion rings on a paper plate

One of the popular items at the Beacon is their Pimento cheese so we ordered one of those also. We did not eat all of the food we ordered, it was just too much food. For the sake of being able to tell you about it, we did sample everything we ordered. I like my hubby’s Pimento cheese recipe a  little better which we like to make Pimento Cheese burgers with. Stacy  uses Dukes mayonnaise and I’m happy to say, so does the Beacon. It’s a southern thing.

A view of the Beacon Drive In ordering line inside the restaurant

Enter right here on the left. There is a friendly gentleman standing at the end of the counter who will take your order and ‘Call It’ out to the kitchen crew. He was kind enough to allow me to video him which I uploaded to my You Tube Channel and am sharing with you here. It will make you smile because he has so much fun doing it.

Beacon Drive In Spartanburg S.C.

The Beacon has been featured at Roadfood, and Food Network  among other sites. If you are in the area, be sure to stop in. The menu is broad and the folks are friendly.

Where is you local favorite hot dog joint?

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  1. I’ve been hearing about this place since I moved to SC 10 years ago, but I’ve never had the chance to stop in. I should change that! I’ve heard it compared to the Varsity before. I grew up thinking a trip to Atlanta was not complete without a stop at the Varsity!

  2. Looks like a great place!! Thanks for Sharing on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday – Link Party!! Hope to see you again tomorrow!! Pinned!!

  3. I love visiting places I’ve seen on the Food Network! I’m also a huge fan of hot dogs and diner food, and the Beacon looks like they’re doing it right. That burger looks incredible, piled with those onion rings! Not a huge fan of pimiento cheese, though, but I’d devour those hot dogs, as well!

  4. I love finding those one of a kind places, that you can not resist. For us we have Greys Papaya in the New York City. Im talking Oh My God, sit in traffic for hours if I need to kind of hot dogs! When you visit NY make sure you visit one:)

  5. I’ve never heard of Beacon before, but that lighthouse sign does look iconic, how cool is that! I’ve never seen a hotdog with all those fillings, we usually just have ketchup and mustard on ours, we aren’t living at all! The portions look so generous, it must be great value for money and you leave there filling full 🙂

    1. Yes, their prices are right. We paid less than $20 for all that food. It was too much food, we didn’t eat it all. Fi Ni, you simply must try some fun toppings for your hot dogs! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Wow, the portions look really huge and great for sharing. This is a dining spot where you can invite the entire family and be satisfied with the food. The Pimento cheese looked crazy delicious! How about the prices? Are they also budget-friendly?

    1. We got all of that food for less than $20!! It’s extremely budget friendly. Those portions are huge. If we are there again, we’ll order differently for sure and share.

  7. Being from Chicago, I love a great hot dog. There are many interesting places around here to get a dog, but nothing like what you feature. My favorite hot dog ever was a duck one with sweet toppings. Sounds strange but it was amazing.

  8. The hotdogs of Beacon Drive In Spartanburg sure look fantastic! My hubby and tween will go crazy over them! I remember a similar stall in downtown Vancouver…I think it was called JapDog. It was just as good and the pictures look similar to the ones you posted. Anyway, thanks for sharing. If we are ever in Spartanburg we need to visit this place!

  9. I love a good NYC street dog, but don’t get to have those often lol. I don’t really have a favorite hot dog spot but this looks like a place I would love. What a great atmosphere and people. I can see why this is such a well known place.

  10. I love when we are able to get to the South! I swear you guys have some of the most amazing food down there. I would love to be able to try this restaurant, I am sure my husband would love the burger platter!

  11. Oh my food heaven! Growing up overseas I haven’t been able to discover all of the yumminess that is located in the U.S. We do not have a hot dog joint here, the best it gets is when my husband BBQ’s hotdogs for me, which is very little. I do LOVE a good ole cheeseburger, which I can only happen to get an hour & a half away from where we live! Gosh I cannot wait to get back. Thanks for making me hungry! Haha! ❤️

  12. What a fun road trip! 🙂 I love the Beacon and their sweet tea. YUM! You’ve also been to another favorite of mine–Sam’s. My dad grew up in North Myrtle Beach going there, and he used to take my sister and I when we were little. Do you have Jack’s Cosmic Dogs in Mount Pleasant, SC, on your list? I grew up in Mt. P, and LOVE those dogs!! Make sure to get one with the spicy mustard and blue cheese slaw. 🙂

    1. Aww, that made me smile. We love Sam’s and Myrtle Beach and always look forward to going back. Thanks for sharing Jack’s with me! I’m not sure where Mount Pleasant S.C. is but I will look it up. Blue Cheese slaw sounds interesting! I’m glad you shared that with me!

  13. You were only 30 minutes from me when you were in Monroe, NC! You should have stopped by! 🙂 I love your hotdog tours and was so excited when you included my favorite hotdog joint when I was growing up – the Cordele Pool Room hotdog. No, I didn’t hang around in pool halls, but I ate many of their hot dogs. Good thing you can order from the window. 🙂

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