The Varsity Atlanta, Ga. on the Hot Dog Tour

The Varsity Atlanta, Ga. on the Hot Dog Tour is a pretty important stop since they are so famous and in my home state.

What’ll Ya Have?

Join my husband, Stacy and I as we enjoy the best local hot dogs on our journeys! Do you have a favorite local hot dog place? We are not world travelers. Truth is, we don’t stray too far from the deep south. But no matter how far we roam, we look for the local hot dog joint! Tell us where your favorite local hot dog place is and we may just drop in!

Varsity Atlanta.Dogs Fries & Onion Rings.intelligentdomestications.com

Most folks already know what they plan to have when they stop in The Varsity. I always get slaw dogs, my hubby always gets chili dogs. One of us gets fries, the other gets the onion rings and we share.

Varsity Atlanta.Inside counter.intelligentdomestications.com

The Varsity logo on the cup says What’ll Ya Have? You’ll hear that loud and clear when you step up to the counter and even before your turn at the counter while standing in line. Don’t worry about the line, it moves really fast. They are ready for the crowds.

Enjoy this 30 second video of What’ll Ya Have at it’s very best from this quality server!

Varsity Atlanta. Menu sign.intelligentdomestications.com

Even though The Varsity is famous for their hot dogs, they do serve burgers also. You can find their full menu and all 8 locations here.  Most people don’t realize there are 8 locations. We like stopping in the main one, downtown, when we are passing through Atlanta. The history there is very rich. It’s the worlds largest drive in. They can accommodate 600 cars and over 800 people inside. On days when the Georgia Tech Yellowjackets are playing a home game, over 30,000 people visit The Varsity. That’s a lot of people folks!

Varsity Atlanta.Fries & Onion Rings.What'll Ya Have.intelligentdomestications.com

Varsity Lingo

You have GOT to love the lingo!

Naked Dog = Plain hot dog on a bun

Yankee Dog = Plain hot dog with mustard

Walk a dog = Hot dog to go

Bag of rags = Potato chips

Sideways = Onion on the side

Varsity Atlanta. Street side sign.intelligentdomestications

That iconic sign out front of The Varsity is a welcome sight on a hungry day!

I’m a little biased because I’m a Georgian but I’ve been enjoying Varsity hot dogs for many years and plan to continue to do so for many more years. The downtown Atlanta location is my favorite and I’m the one who orders the onion rings with my slaw dogs!

Varsity Atlanta.725x1036.www.intelligentdomestications.com

If you’re driving through Atlanta I highly recommend you schedule a stop at The Varsity. If you’re flying into Atlanta Hartsfield, there are 2 locations there in Terminal C and Terminal F. Stop by and tell them What You’ll Have!!

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  1. I have such great memories of The Varsity! You nailed its unique charm with your post, Shirley. I’ll be driving through Atlanta at the end of the month and now I’m thinking a stop by The Varsity is in order! Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle Sunday!

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