Frank Allen’s Market & Grill on The Hot Dog Tour

We are not world travelers. Truth is, we don’t stray too far from the deep south. But no matter how far we roam, we look for the local hot dog joint! Frank Allen’s Market & Grill is our 8th stop to share on our Hot Dog Tour.

You can experience our Hot Dog Tour here.

While vacationing in Pigeon Forge, Tn. recently, we visited Frank Allen’s Market & Grill for one of their locally famous hot dogs.

Frank Allen's Pigeon Forge, Tn. on The Hot Dog by

One of my favorite ways to find the best local hot dogs is simply by asking the locals. That process usually yields the same answer multiple times which gives us our answer. There were a number of folks who pointed us toward Frank Allen’s Market & Grill in Sevierville, Tn. 

Frank Allen’s Market & Grill is actually a gas station with a restaurant or is it a restaurant with a gas station? Take a peep inside.

Frank Allen's Pigeon Forge, Tn. Old fashioned soda shop type dining.Gas Station dining can be by

You can dine at the old fashioned soda shop type counter while chatting with the cooks or grab a booth. Either way, the service is friendly, the restaurant is clean and the food is fabulous.

Frank Allen's Pigeon Forge, Tn. Gas Station dining with a special table for the regulars to have coffee and by

Just to the right of the line of booths, you’ll find a kitchen dining table situated in the middle of the store!  The owner put it there for their ‘regular’s’. A group of locals can be found sitting around that table enjoying coffee and conversation every morning.

The Hot Dogs

Frank Allen's Chili cheese dog and slaw dog are worth the by
Frank Allen's Pigeon Forge, Tn. on the Hot Dog Tour. Chili by


Frank Allen’s is famous for their award winning ‘made from scratch’ burgers but they claim fame with their cole slaw too!  Slaw dogs are my personal favorite so I was much pleased to enjoy perfect hot dog slaw.

The chili was delicious. Any hot dog connoisseur knows, you must try the chili and reserve accolades only for the best. 

Go all out and order yourself a chili cheese dog with onions! My hot dog loving partner and I give Frank Allen’s toppings two thumbs up.

The Wierner

Frank Allen’s serves Elm Hill wieners and they are good! You can have your hot dog either deep fried on cooked on the grill! If you’ve never tried a deep fried hot dog, you simply must! 

Award Winning Burgers

Frank Allen's Sevierville, Tn. Voted Best Burger for more than 7 by

We came for the hot dogs but tried the burger too.

Frank Allen’s burger has been voted Best Burger 14 years in a row by readers of  Sevier county news source, The Mountain Press!

We HAD to taste a burger with such high accolades! It certainly holds up to it’s reputation. Those ‘made from scratch’ patties are scrumptious!

You can find Frank Allen’s Market & Grill aka Marathon gas station at 930 Parkway Sevierville, Tn. 

What is the name of your favorite local hot dog place?

Where will our hot dog tour take us next? We have a state in mind for this summer.

Hot Dog Tour stop #8 at Frank Allen's Market & Grill in Sevieville,

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