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Fall Coffee Bar In the Kitchen

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Fall Coffee Bar

My tiered Fall hot coffee bar is a testament to two things, my love affair with both tiered trays and traditional fall colors! 

Creating Fall Feels

Normally by mid October we should be seeing some of those traditional fall colors in the great outdoors as trees begin to fade into the beautiful colors God created for us.

We like to recreate the Fall feeling that happens as September fades into October. There is a crisp feeling in the air as we begin to see the leaves change into majestic bright shades of red, yellow and orange.

Out come the pumpkin decor and fall decorating in our homes. I turn on my wax melt warmer filled with Pumpkin fragrance. Then I create a Fall Coffee Bar which will usher us right into the holiday season transition.

Three Tiered Tray

I have been on the hunt for a galvanized three tiered tray. When I saw this one it was love at first sight! You can find one almost exactly the same right here.

As I began to dress her up for fall I knew she wanted to be pretty but functional too. The bottom tray is both functional and pretty. 

Set The Mood for Fall Decorating

Do you have one of those fabulous  wax melting pots for home fragrances? Mine are all from Scentsy and my favorite fragrance ever is anything with a Pumpkin smell. Here is one I found on Amazon.

Create a mood for fall decorating by burning your fall fragrance candle or wax melts and pour yourself a cup of coffee or cocoa. Take your time and enjoy the moment as your create those Fall feels in your home.

Setting Up The Coffee Bar

One of my favorite fall beverages is instant cappuccino which you can find on Amazon right here.  I always scoop some into a small Mason jar for easy access. I attached a wooden spoon to the Mason jar for easy serving.

Chai Tea and I like this brand is always popular

K cups in a choice of flavors if you are using a Keurig like this single serve version

Sweeteners like Truvia

Don’t forget the Mugs, Napkins and Spoons.

An antique dining room sideboard decorated with a Fall coffee bar

Antique Mahogany Buffet

I can’t share our hot beverage bar without telling you our story about the furniture hosting it. Many of you recall that we recently moved into a new home so we’ve begun the process of adding some furnishings to fill empty spaces. Find our Moving Tips here.

Our antique mahogany buffet is the first piece of furniture we purchased for our new home. This spot in the kitchen dining area was too empty and our new kitchen doesn’t have as many drawers as we wish.

Shopping antique malls is addictive and super fun. The day we found this piece, we decided to take a chance by passing it up to spend some time thinking about it. Three weeks later we went back and it was still there! Clearly it was meant to be.

A peep inside an antique dining room sideboard filled with vintage bowls

The doors have a see through wire front which we thought was unique. Inside there are mirrors behind each shelf.

We use this space to display our vintage mixing bowls and vintage coffee makers. We can attest to how great coffee is when brewed on the stove in that glass coffee pot. It’s smooth, hot and delicious! We treat ourselves to stove top brewed coffee on weekends in the winter.

We are all about Food, Family and Fun so we share lots of recipes and ideas across all of our social media. Follow us on Pinterest-FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

A peep inside our antique sideboard filled with vintage bowls

The bowl with cherries on the sides was my Mom’s for as many years as I can remember. She always set the table for Sunday dinners when we were growing up and most of the time this bowl held some sort of vegetables an on holidays her Potato Salad and here’s that recipe.

The little vintage electric coffee maker goes on vacation with us. I paid a couple bucks for it at a yard sale many years ago.

Our antique sideboard decorated for Fall showing the hidden desk

Our antique buffet has a secret! The top drawer creates a desk area! Don’t you just love that! We do. This piece of furniture was a fun find for us. It is the perfect spot for our fall hot beverage bar. 

Fall decorated coffee bar using traditional fall colors

A fall coffee bar simply must possess a vintage thermos. My Dad used to use one exactly like this for work in the winter. Mom would brew a big pot of coffee every morning and fill his thermos. Then of course she brewed another pot for herself!

Crockpot Recipes

A fall decor vignette with pumpkins

Fall Decor Vignette

This end of the buffet is decorated with a Fall vignette using a couple of DIY Fall Decor pieces paired with a cute metal wagon filled with pumpkins.

The Fall Napkin Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeover project is right here with a step by step tutorial.

The matching Luminary Jar project is right here. It’s an upcylce project with almost no expense involved using craft supplies.


Top two tiers of a galvanized three tier tray decorated for fall with pumpkins, flowers, pine cones and dried corn

The top two tiers of our fall hot beverage bar are filled with pumpkins, mini hay bales, pine cones and Indian corn which create those warm and cozy fall feels. That little bag of pecan vanilla caramel coffee will never make it to the weekend!

Wishing you a warm and cozy Fall! What’s your favorite fall hot beverage? 

Tiered Fall Coffee Bar. Hot Beverage Bar set up on antique buffet. Fall coffee bar. Fall Hot beverage bar.

More Ways To Style Your Home For Fall

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Make your own Teal Pumpkin Decor Fall Vignette using decoupage

Make your own table runner and pumpkin centerpiece like this DIY Fall Vignette we created

Do you have a Canner rack? Make A Farmhouse Style Fall Candy Bar like this one

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  1. Shirley your hot beverage bar is adorable and that piece of furniture is beautiful. I love all the color you have added all over the place. It is a warm and cozy spot for a nice hot beverage.

  2. I adore your furniture find. What a gorgeous and unique piece. With the pull out, it’s like a secretary, but with the cabinets, it’s like a buffet. Whatever it’s called, it’s stunning. Your vintage pieces look great with it. Having it house your hot beverage bar is a great idea. It all looks inviting! Pinning.

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