How To Transfer Pictures From Your Android Phone To Your Computer

You may not believe just how easy it is to transfer pictures from your android phone to your computer!

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Transfer pictures from your Android phone to your computer in minutes. Do it often and it won’t take long at all.

Millions upon millions of people already know this. I may be among the last to know but I thought it was so awesome, I should share it with those who may not know.

If you have ever been on the phone with a service technician because of a malfunction on your smart phone, you may have heard that dreaded statement “We will need to reset your phone back to factory settings.” The very first thing you think of is that you do not want to lose your pictures, right!

I am not a technical person therefore this will not be a technical explanation. Trust me, this process is actually very easy. If I can do it, you can too!

What you need

You only need three simple things to make this happen

  • Your computer to which you will load your pictures
  • Your phone
  • Your phone charger cord
Android Samsung 3 Charger Cord
Android phone charger cord

Did you know the cord will disconnect from the plug?

Disconnect the Cord from the plug

Step 1

Disconnect the cord from the plug.

Plug the cord into the port on your computer

Step 2

Plug the big end of the phone charger cord into the port on your laptop or desktop. Plug the small end into the phone as if you were about to charge it.

You phone might possibly ask you if you want to allow this device access to your pictures. Say yes if it does.

Step 3

First things first. If this is your first time, your computer is going to need to recognize this ‘new device’ you have plugged in. Say yes to allow the connection when the pop up comes up asking you if you want to allow it.

The pictures will now begin to download.

Be patient. The amount of time the transfer  depends on how many pictures are on your phone. I had in excess of 2,000 and it took every bit of 30 minutes to transfer them all.

This pictures went straight into the Pictures folder on my laptop because, well the phone is smart and apparently the computer is too, so they just know where to go. (how do you like that explanation, techy friends?)

Once the transfer is complete, your computer will let you know. There should be a little bar on the screen throughout the process which will keep showing the progress.

Boom, the pictures are saved to your computer! You may want to save them to a Thumb drive or DVD or send them all to some cyberspace storing station.

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Thank you for sharing!

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  1. Great Easy Tutorial! I’ve never transferred photos this way I usually email small quantities for blog post purposes and my pics get automatically saved to my Dropbox Acct. Which I have on almost every device I own. If I decide to switch things up a bit, this is super easy!

    1. I am glad you found this helpful. It is a giant time saver if emailing them has been the preferred method. It was a wonderful Verizon technician who taught me and I really appreciated it.

  2. Hahaha! I love this!! I don’t even have a smart phone, and this is the first phone I’ve had that does disconnect from the charger so I can plug it directly into the computer without a special cord. I find a lot of times I just email the photos to myself… LOL

    Life With Lorelai

  3. Great advice! I have an IPhone and I seem to be taking more and more photos on it these days than my digital Canon. However, I need to figure out how to transfer the photos better. I usually just e-mail them to myself, but I bet there is an easier way if I read the directions. 🙂

    1. My daughter will be visiting this weekend, I will have to ask if the IPhone does that little trick too. It is just so much easier than the email thing. I was doing that also.

  4. This works sometime with my new computer, but there are times it doesn’t. Sometimes I have to take the long route of taking off my case, taking out the mini SD card, putting it in SD adapter (bigger SD) and doing it that way. The phone connection straight to the computer used to work all the time until I had to get a new computer..

    1. The tech manufacturing industry doesn’t always make things easier for us, do they! You can no longer purchase a laptop which will accept a CD. So for those of us who may have stored pictures onto a CD, we have need a desktop too!

  5. I used to have a phone that did that. Now my new phone does not come with a transferable chord. So I go through a process where I send all the photos I take by phone to myself via email, download them, then copy them to my computer. A true process. I am sure there is got be a chord out there I can purchase that will make things easier…Gheeeeeeee thanks for the reminder!!!

    1. I am very familiar with that process, it is labor intensive! I like this little trick much better. I wonder if you could purchase a cord for your phone which would facilitate the picture transfer process.

  6. Technology is crazy amazing.. When I got my Android phone, I did not realize that they are auto saved in my Dropbox, Google Account and then some other file on my phone. I like it but dang.. so many spots.

    1. I really only want my pictures to be in my picture file on my computer. That is the only place I access them from. I really don’t like all the things ‘they’ have already added to a Smart Phone which we are forced to accept!
      That Savory Meatloaf recipe is awesome!

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