Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show at Pigeon Forge Tennessee

We recently enjoyed a nice visit to the Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I’m sharing lots of pictures and info to help you decide about heading on over to the feud.

While this is a Sponsored post. The opinions are one hundred percent my own. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hatfield and McCoy Building Shot

Now you just tell me, wouldn’t you like to see exactly what might be inside this fun building? Yep, well me too!

 While there is much to see and do in Pigeon Forge, the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show was one of our best memories from this year’s vacation. I shared some gorgeous leaf peeping photos from vacation on my Instagram here.

There are many, many choices for dinner shows in Pigeon Forge. How do you every decide which one to attend? Let me help you.

The fun begins at the entry door for the Hatfield & McCoys Dinner Show. All of the greeters are dressed in costume and brimming with an abundance of friendliness. They keep the line flowing smoothly so that you are in the dining room lickity split! (lickity split is southern talk for really fast)

The Food

Immediately upon being seated, you are greeted by your waiter or waitress who will have food on your table so fast, it’ll make your head spin! They bring ample portions of everything and ‘set’ the table like Momma always did on Sunday afternoons!

The Menu includes; Fried Chicken, Pulled Pork Barbeque, Mashed Potatoes, Corn on the Cob, Some ‘Da-lucious’ Creamy soup,  Homemade Yeast Rolls, Coleslaw, two Dessert choices one of which was banana pudding and your choice of beverages. Folks this is an all-you-can-eat meal! Let me tell you, I ate all I could of that scrumptious barbeque!

The Show

You will be entertained and intertwined into the singing, dancing and feuding between the two family’s. 


At times the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s seem to be about to end the feud but then something happens to fire it up again.


The two families share a common bond with the talented singers and dancers performing for your entertainment.


The poor sheriff has his hands full with the two feuding families, especially when the banker just makes matters worse for everyone.


Is there a marriage in the future between a Hatfield and a McCoy? Will the feud continue, end or just get worse?

You will simply have to go to the show to find the answers!

We were told by many local residents that the Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show was a must see show in Pigeon Forge. They were right! The food was fabulous, like Momma used to make. The show was very entertaining and it was just plain fun to be inside that cool looking building! You have GOT to see their fish tank!

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