67 Things I Have Learned in 65 Years

Have you heard “With age, comes wisdom”? These 67 Things I Have Learned in 65 Years are evidence of the truth to that statement in my life.

Today’s post is a little different for me. It’s a little personal and reflective. Today is my 65th birthday. This one is a a milestone birthday. I decided to reflect upon things I have learned in the last 65 years. 


  1. Say your prayers.
  2. Love Jesus, He Loves You.
  3. Time heals all wounds.
  4. You will never get over losing loved one’s who die but you will, in time, learn to live your life without them in it.
  5. If you watch your pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves.
  6. Apologize to people you hurt.
  7. Tell people you love, that you love them.
  8. Hugs make the world go around, give and receive hugs.
  9. Be open minded.
  10. Quit eating when you are full.
60 Things I Learned in 59 Years. Words of wisdom from life experience.

A hug from my grandson the day his high school baseball team won the State Championship. He is now a firefighter and happily married. He played ball since the age of 5 and I never missed one of his games.


  1. Calming down is easier said than done, not just for you.
  2. Do not try to convince people to your way of thinking.
  3. Let other people have their way too, compromise.
  4. Go to church.
  5. Teach your children to do yard work.
  6. No matter the circumstances or how bad things may seem, it will indeed get better.
  7. Never interrupt a person while sharing a story. No matter who that person is or if you believe they are telling it wrong, it’s their story.
  8. There is more than one way to accomplish a task. Let other folks do it their way.
  9. Set big goals for yourself and then set smaller goals to help you achieve the big goals.
  10. Life is not always fair.
60 Things I Learned in 59 Years. Words of wisdom from life experience.

My high school girlfriends and me 40 years after graduation. 


  1. Cancer sucks.
  2. Foul language serves no purpose except to make the user look bad.
  3. Marriages are worth saving. Make an extra effort.
  4. Encourage others.
  5. Find a place to give back by volunteering.
  6. Volunteerism is it’s own reward.
  7. Teach your children to do laundry.
  8. Work on being a better listener.
  9. This too shall pass (TTSP)
  10. Don’t be a sore loser. No one likes a sore loser.

You will never get over losing loved one’s who die but you will, in time, learn to live your life without them in it.


  1. Be happy for other people.
  2. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.
  3. Technology doesn’t provide close human companionship, people do. Turn off the device and talk to someone special.
  4. Diets can begin any day of the week.
  5. Just because you Can do a thing, doesn’t mean you Should do that thing.
  6. Commitment requires sacrifice.
  7. Decisions net consequences.
  8. Make new friends and keep the old.
  9. Wash white clothes separate.
  10. You will not be remembered for whether or not you made your bed but make it anyway.
60 Things I Learned in 59 Years. Words of wisdom from life experience.

My parents with me at very young ages in Charlotte N.C.


  1. All people experience grief differently. Allow others to grieve.
  2. Animals grieve too.
  3. Listen to the stories your parents and grandparents enjoy sharing. There are life lessons in those stories.
  4. Pull your pants up. No one cares to see your underwear.
  5. Once you complete any project or task, ask yourself what you can do to make it even better.
  6. Do not compare yourself to others. Just Be Yourself.
  7. Ask questions.
  8. Make your own informed decisions. Do not rely on social media or news media for answers. That is where false information comes from.
  9. Do not spread false information. If you do not know it to be an honest fact then don’t even talk about it.
  10. Negotiate. The worst thing that can happen is they say no. It’s definitely worth the effort to negotiate.
60 Things I Learned in 59 Years. Words of wisdom from life experience.

My husband and I in the early days of our marriage.


  1. Do not share photos of other people’s tragedies on social media.
  2. Your cause is a good cause, it’s just not my cause and that’s ok.
  3. Volunteer somewhere at some point in your life. Don’t procrastinate that, just do it. Fit it in. You’ll know why after you do it.
  4. Do not text and drive.
  5. There has never been a person born whose purpose in life is to wait on you hand and foot. 
  6. Do not say or do things intentionally which you know will hurt another person.
  7. Clean up behind yourself.
  8. Be respectful of elderly.
  9. Learn manners.
  10. Use those manners that you have learned.

A few more words of wisdom as God has blessed me with more life

  1. Keep your political opinion to yourself and for the sake of everyone, please do not publish your political opinion on social media.
  2. Life it NOT JUDGED by the number of ‘likes’, ‘hearts’ or ‘thumbs up’ you get on social media
  3. If what you are doing is not working, stop doing it and do something different.
  4. Priorities are Still God, Country and Family. 
  5. Don’t be jealous of others. If you are, then ask God to deliver you from jealousy.
  6. Forgive. You will be a much happier person when you learn to forgive
  7. Learn the 10 Commandments and live by them.

Why stop at 60? What life lessons will you share?

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Updated 1/23/2024

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How old is old? A college psychology professor asked this question in class one day. The answers were as varied as the colors of a rainbow. The answer really depends upon how old you are.

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  1. What an awesome list, Shirley! Given enough time in life, we all learn some valuable lessons. I’ve learned quite a few of those, too in my soon to be 59 years! I saw your Facebook post about spending your birthday with lots of family. That’s awesome. When it comes down to it, moments like those are what make any life a life well lived. Wishing you many more wonderful birthdays.

  2. Hello Shirley – I read through your list and found myself chuckling a few times. I have already told my daughter “Life is not fair” today and it is only 7:35 AM! They also do laundry and yard work 😉 But, one of the most important on your list to me is to respect the elderly. Many of these folks have seen so much in their life, depression, world wars, the explosion of technology. If people would just take a few minutes to spend some time with the senior population and the elderly, they could learn so much. Or, at least, hear some really great stories. Think of this next time you see an old man shuffling in the grocery store and you want to get around him. Someday, hopefully, that could be you too.

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