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Must See Free Entertainment, Helpful Tips Plus Lots of Food Choices at the 2015 Georgia National Fair

Make the most of your trip this year with our Must See Free Entertainment, Helpful Tips Plus Lots of Food Choices at the Georgia National Fair!

Georgia National Fair Oct. 8-18, 2015

Ga. National Fair 2015. Must See Entertainment,Tips and Food. 475x480.intelligentdomestications.com

‘FREE’ Entertainment!!

Included in the price of admission is a ton of entertainment! Here are just a few must see events.

Mango and Dango


Mango and Dango with their Flying Umbrella Ship Show! Always a favorite to catch them as they stroll through the park. They will wow you with breathtaking technical skills and amazing acrobatics.

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Wild About Monkeys! The only traveling animal exhibition that features trained baboons. Located near the South gate.

I-Flip! The ultimate aerial show!  This incredible 25 minute show contains: Aerial Bungee, Tramp-Wall, Sphere, Power Track and more. To conclude this spectacular show, a 60 foot death-defying High Fall into a stuntman airbag. Located in the event field near the South gate.

Cutting Edge Dueling Pianos Oct. 14-18. Two baby grand pianos facing each other, audience interaction, music from every decade and multiple genres creates one large, synergistic party! Located on the All American State between the Georgia Grown Building and McGill marketplace.

Tricky Dogs The Tricky Dogs Show is a circus style comedy dog act. All of the dogs have been rescued from animal shelters and they are living proof that all you need is love. Located on the East side of McGill Marketplace.

Royal Hanneford Circus A circus within a fair! Like the ringmaster says, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of All ages, get ready for the thrill of your life with the Royal Hanneford Circus!” Acts may include high-wire acts to clowns and from wild animal performances to acrobats. Located near the south gate under the big top.

Tree of Life at the Georgia National Fair 2015

The Tree of Life will be strolling around the park for the third year. He is always kind to stop and pose for photos with the children.

Mutton Bustin is absolutle a must see event! You’ll hear the enthusiastic cheers as boys and girls ages three to six, weighing less than 60 lbs. try to ride a sheep for a full six seconds! Located near the East gate.


SwashChucklers Comedy Pirate Show! This family friendly collection of slapstick sailors of SwashChucklers deliver a laugh-a-minute broadside of funny one-liners, silly sight gags and crack-up comedy. Located  at the North Gate.

Nightly Fireworks every night! In the main lake between the Clock Tower and the West Gate at closing time.

Food at the Georgia National Fair

Ga. National Fair Food 1 2015

Fried Veggies, Bayou Billy’s Sweet Dixie Tea, BBQ, Polish Sausage, French Fries, Greek Food, Cotton Candy, Candy Apples & Popcorn…

Ga. National Fair Food 2 2015

Smoked Pork Chop Sandwich from the locals, Peanuts fried, boiled or roasted, Flatbreads, Kettle Corn, Corn Dogs…

Ga. National Fair Food 3 2015

Pretzels, Nachos, Quesadillas, Fried Oreos, Funnel Cakes, Lemonade…

Ga. National Fair Food 4 2015

Turkey legs, Roasted Corn, Brunswick Stew, Pecan Pie, Peach Cobbler & Peach Ice Cream, Sirloin Dinners, LOTS of Onions and so much more!!!

Ga. National Fair Food 5 2015

We went to 3 different booths for our lunch! It’s a lot of food so we shared Gyros, a bucket of cheese fries and some Bayou Billy Sweet Dixie Tea!!

Fair Tips

  • NEW! Bag/Package Policy

Guests of the Georgia National Fair should be prepared for all bags and packages to be searched. Book bags are allowed but expect them to be searched as you enter.

Remember where you parked at the Fair 1 2015

  • Remember where you parked! Notice the letters and numbers on the light pole nearest to where you parked.
  • Take your souvenir cups from last year for cheaper refills. Most vendors are now offering refill prices on any souvenir cup. Prices for refills are generally $2-$3. You must have a cup with a lid for the Lemonade refills.
  • Right before going into the fair….take out your camera phone and take a picture of your children! That way if you get separated from them, you will have a resent description of your kids and can remember EXACTLY what they are wearing!

Rental prices 2015 

  • Wheelchair: $12.00 (regular or oversized)
  • Single Stroller: $10.00
  • Double Stroller: $15.00
  • Wagon: $12.00
  • Electric Scooter 4 Hours: $25.00 (Must be 25 or older to rent)
  • Electric Scooter 8 hours: $40.00 (Must be 25 or older to rent)
  • Electric Scooter All Day: $50.00 (Must be 25 or older to rent)
  • Available at West, North, and East Gates
  • Must be 25 or older to rent an electric scooter

Don’t forget the Rides!!!

This wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t share at least one ride with you! In my younger days, ahem!, I rode the Round Up. Now it’s called Zero Gravity. It’s a classic fair ride still bringing joy to fair goers!


There is SO MUCH MORE to see and do at the Georgia National Fair!

Ga. National Fair 2015. Must See Entertainment, Tips and Food.intelligentdomestications.com

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