10 Clever Uses For Kitchen Trash Bags Besides Trash

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Trash bags used to contain clothes on hangers for moving

I have 10 Uses for Kitchen Trash Bags aside from trash for you but first let’s take a light hearted look at the kitchen trash situation.

groceries sitting on the kitchen counter still in bags


Some how manage to become


a man raising four bags of trash on a bar as if it's super heavy

How in the world do such few groceries create so much garbage is beyond me. I’m just glad my Hefty Ultra Strong Trash Bags are strong enough for tough jobs because we definitely have them on overload.

This post was originally sponsored by Hefty using my own opinions. I enjoy sharing sponsored content of brands I use in my own home because if I am a satisfied customer, I’m willing to share those brands with you. Can we be honest, cheap trash bags always lead to disappointment. Have you ever lifted your trash bag out of the can and the bottom feel out? Yes, that will make you be willing to spend a few more pennies for the good brand.

My hubby is a WWE fan so we decided to have a little fun with loaded trash bags and a WWE belt. I guess you had to be there.

Back on topic. There is more than one use for kitchen trash bags. The best use I have used myself is as garment bags when we were moving. See my Most Useful Moving Tips, What Worked and What Didn’t.

10 Uses for Trash Bags

  1. Garment bag
  2. Packing to move or donate cloths
  3. Paint drop cloth
  4. Line a paint tray for easy clean up when done
  5. Emergency rain cover
  6. Cover a cast on a broken arm or leg to make bathing easier
  7. Line the kitty litter tray
  8. Cover shrubs to protect from frost
  9. Use it to protect your windshield from frost. Cut 2 apart & tape together with duct tape
  10. Make friendly ghosts to hang in your yard at Halloween

ONE MORE! When I used to own a residential cleaning business, we used a trash bag to protect the dining table under chandeliers when we were cleaning the chandelier. We would spray each crystal with window cleaner and wipe it dry, the plastic on the table kept drips from getting on the wood.

Do you have another use for kitchen trash bags besides taking out the trash? Tell us, we need to know!

This post was originally sponsored by Hefty but the content and opinions are my own.

clothes inside of trash bags hanging in a closet

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