DIY Chilly The Snowman Ornament

I am super excited today to share with you my DIY Chilly The Snowman Ornament for Day 11 of the 2015 Ornament Exchange!

The fabulous and talented Erlene at My Pinterventures was kind enough to organize and facilitate the 2015 Ornament Exchange with as many as 80 bloggers participating! There are some amazing ideas, you will want to check them all out over here.

Come back by on November the 14th for a big link up with all of the DIY ornaments shared in the 2015 Ornament Exchange.

Chilly The Snowman Ornament

My Ornament Exchange partner was Jeanette from Jnet’s Line. Jeanette and I have a common bond with our love of snowmen for Christmas décor. Neither of us knew the other was crafting an original snowman ornament!

I’ve chosen to name my creation, Chilly The Snowman Ornament, such a fun name, right! My Chilly The Snowman Ornament is in no way affiliated with any other Chilly the snowman. However they could potentially be distant cousins. My Chilly is an original creation which quite frankly was just so much fun to do! I hope you will use my tutorial to make your own Chilly.

How to Make Your Own Chilly The Snowman Ornament  


  • Three Styrofoam balls in graduated sizes
  • Mod Podge
  • Epsom Salts
  • 1 party toothpick for the nose
  • Black pointed magic marker
  • Buttons
  • Small fabric scrap
  • Floral pick stem
  • 1 Toilet paper roller


  • Hot glue gun and glue stick
  • Sharp knife or box cutter
  • Wire cutters
  • Small paint brushes
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Black marker
  • Orange marker


Snowman Ornamet. Used 3 Dollar store styrofoam balls

I picked up my Styrofoam balls at the Dollar store, one of my favorite places to find craft supplies. They came in a package with these graduated sizes so I was thrilled to find exactly what I needed.

Snowman ornament, cut a small recess area to allow each ball to fit comfortably onto the next


Take a sharp knife or box cutter and cut a very small recess into the largest and middle size Styrofoam balls. This will allow the snowman to sit properly and resemble a real snowman.

Glue the pieces together. I used my  trusty old friend, the hot glue gun.

Snowman. Apply the snow with Mod Podge and Epsom salts

Now for the fun part, making snow! Place a good bit of Epsom salts into a gallon size zip closure bag.

Applying the Mod Podge and Snow

You have to work sort of fast with the Mod Podge. Paint the Mod Podge onto your snowman, don’t scrimp, be generous with the Mod Podge. After applying the Mod Podge, place your snowman into the bag with Epsom salts and toss around, gently, to cover him well. I painted the top two pieces first and then the bottom piece. Notice in the above photo that I used a candle holder to sit Chilly on for drying time.

Allow Chilly to dry according to directions on the Mod Podge. I allowed about an hour for drying time. It only took one coat of Mod Podge and Epsom salts for a good snowy coverage. We will apply a top coat of Mod Podge later in the process.

Chilly’s Top hat

Chilly loves his ice covered

Wait for it, Chilly is wearing a toilet paper roller on top of his head! Hey, I’m big into repurposing, upcycling and frugal décor!

Sorry, no pics of the Top hat process. Sometimes when creative minds are working hard, they forget to take pics.

Cut a small section of a toilet paper roller to create the main part of the hat according to the size you need. This piece should be tubular.

Now, unfold the remaining portion of the tp roller out flat. Using the ‘hat’ you just cut as a template, draw a circle and cut out what will become the very top of the hat. Glue this top piece onto the tubular section with Elmer’s glue.

Now, cut a larger circle for the brim. Because the tp roller was previously rounded, you will get that natural curve you want for the brim. Glue together. Allow about a half hour for drying time.

Use a black magic marker to color the hat or you can paint it if you wish. The marker gave Chilly’s top hat the nice weathered look I was going for.  I didn’t want it to be shiny.

Dab a small stream of glue around the edges of the hat and dip into the Epsom salts to create rings of ice on the hat.

Chilly the Snowman Ornament loves his

Fashion Chilly a scarf

I recently upcycled some plaid button up shirts into envelope pillow covers. I saved all the scraps. Is that hoarding or being frugal? I’m going say it’s being frugal because that’s where Chilly’s cute little plaid scarf came from.

I just cut a piece the size I wanted and tied it around his neck. I did not hem the edges.

Chilly the Snowman is a work in

Make Chilly some snowman arms

Because Chilly is a Christmas ornament, he needs some bling, right! I cut the stems, using wire cutters, from a floral pic which was red and glittery. I already had the floral pick in my stash and only had one so it was the perfect find for Chilly’s arms.

Dab a little hot glue onto the end of the arm and stick it into place.

Buttons and Nose

Glue the buttons onto the front in the appropriate places. Mod Podge works like a charm for this step.

Use an orange marker to color the pointed end of the toothpick for the nose. Cut it to the appropriate size with the wire cutters which will give a good clean cut. Dab a little hot glue on the end and stick it into place.

It’s so cold out, Chilly even covered his mouth with the scarf.Chilly the Snowman Ornament just hanging out in the

Mod Podge again

Chilly is almost done but as you can see in the last photo, Chilly’s snow looks like wet icey snow, the kind we get in the southern U.S. every few years. We’re going to finish Chilly off with a top coat of Mod Podge.

I used 2 different brushes for the top coat. Consider this part of the process to be as if you are applying paint. Use a small brush to apply a coat of Mod Podge around the face. A word of caution here, the color of the nose will come off onto Chilly’s snow so try hard not to touch his nose.

I used the big brush to apply the top coat of Mod Podge everywhere else. It’s so cold outside that even Chilly’s cute little plaid scarf is frozen! I love that!


Use the black marker to create Chilly’s deep set charcoal eyes and you are done!

DIY Chilly The Snowman Ornament
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  1. This is so cute. Homemade Christimas ornaments become treasured, inherited items that live forever. I love this project and think I’ll give it a go. This would be also be great for a Brownie or Girl Scout Troop to try.

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