Cook From Scratch With Fresh From Florida Produce

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It isn’t quite summer vegetable season yet but you can still enjoy farm grown vegetables ahead of the summer season! Look for Fresh From Florida in your produce section right now!

Sure I live in Georgia, pretty close to those Sunshine state fruits and vegetables but you can enjoy them too. They get shipped to your produce section too!

Fresh produce in a bowl. Fresh from Florida produce selections available at Publix #followthefresh

We made a slow trip through the produce department at our Publix and look what we found farm fresh right now!

Tomatoes, Cabbage, Radish, Bell Pepper and Snap Beans available in February! 

We will be enjoying some Basil Grilled Tomatoes and Grilled Cabbage Steaks this week, recipe links below. I also plan to cook Baked Salmon with Snap Beans. My hubby plans to create a brand new stuffed bell pepper recipe. Can’t wait for that! We have a full menu for the week made from scratch!

Visit Recipe Ideas on the Fresh From Florida recipe page.

Fresh from Florida produce is available in Florida and Georgia now. Fresh produces displayed in a wooden bowl. Photo of tomatoes, snap beans, radish, bell peppers and cabbage

I want to challenge you to read the labels and see where your produce was grown. My husband and I probably picked up every tomato in the produce department. We were shocked to see how far away so much of our produce is shipped from! 

When you purchase locally grown produce you are not only feeding your family food which is fresh from the farm but you are also supporting American farmers.

A little known tidbit about myself is that I love watching farm programs on early Saturday morning television. They often share recipes and in fact my Black Eye Pea Salsa recipe was inspired early one Saturday morning watching farm shows.

Look for these Florida grown labels on packaging in your grocers produce department

Florida grown produce displayed at the grocery store. Serve your family produce grown locally in the U.S.

Look for the Fresh From Florida signs in your produce department and the Fresh From Florida logo on packaging.

Fresh tomatoes grown in Florida sold in the Publix produce department in Georgia

Tomatoes are not just for salads or sandwiches. Have you tried grilling tomatoes? This simple little two ingredient recipe for Basil Grilled Tomatoes is a great way to enjoy fresh tomatoes! 

Visit the Fresh From Florida page to find out which vegetables and fruits are in season right now! Look for your family favorites in your produce department.

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Cooking from Scratch with fresh vegetables. Buy Fresh From Florida produce and support local farmers. Tomatoes, Snap beans, radish, bell peppers and cabbage recipe ideas. #freshfromflorida

We will be sharing more Florida Fresh produce along with a made from scratch recipe for your summer menu in mid April so subscribe or follow us on social media and you won’t miss it!

Cabbage Recipes


Basil Grilled Tomatoes. How to cook basil grilled tomatoes. Indoor grilled Basil Grilled Tomatoes.

Creamy Corn Chowder with Potatoes and Ham recipe. Corn Chowder recipe using fresh corn. Picture of fresh made corn chowder, fresh corn, potatoes and onions #freshfromflorida

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  1. Since I try to eat more of a plant based diet I always look for fresh produce. It’s fun to experiment with the seasons best because the flavor is always perfection.

  2. Oh wow, I love these. I love eating fresh food. Great thing from Florida Produce.And it’s a great thing that buying this will support our local farmers.

  3. This sounds really great. Having fresh ingredients is what Family always looking for. I think I should go to the MArket and look for this. My husband would probably love this.

  4. Fresh product is always the best. I always wanted to have a fresh ingredient whenever I cook for the whole fam and Florida Produce is one of the best things that I found in the market.

  5. Nothing beats fresh vegetables, and I grow most of my own. The Florida fresh I’ve never noticed here in California. I wonder if we have them here. I do the basil tomatoes but I also top with parmesan or fetta cheese.

  6. I’m sure I’ve consumed a lot of fresh from Florida produce over the years. I do love going to Farmer’s markets though and I’m hoping we’ll be able to grow some of our own this summer.

  7. These is something extra nice about being able to cook with produce that you know has been sauced locally and it is such a great way to label them so people know where they are from!

  8. I’m in Georgia and close to those Sunshine State fruits and veggies as well. Cooking with fresh fruits an veggies is the best way and even it isn’t farmer’s market season, you can get some great produce from Florida.

  9. I really like those baked tomatoes with basil. SO yum, and they seem like they are easy to make. I think it is important to eat local, while I do eat a lot of citrus from Florida, I am on the other side of the country and most of the produce around here is local.

  10. Oh! I am a Florida farm girl. I grew up on eating freshness right out of the garden and have been long accustomed to seeing where my veggies come from. It’s hard to believe that some of them come all the way from other countries – when they are grown right here! I love that Fresh From Florida makes it easy to support my local Florida farmers.

  11. Thank you for all the recipes! I love adding new ones to my files. It was ingrained in my brain as a child to always check the labels. I agree with you! My mom was a nut when it came to only buying from the U.S.!

  12. I’m not sure where are fruits and vegetables come from right now. Only our apples are sold here now in the state of New York. I’ll have to check the labels and shelf stickers. I know I’m about to have a salad for breakfast this post made me hungry.

  13. Mmmm! I’m hungry just thinking about it. I am glad Florida’s season is so much earlier than ours too so we can have great produce before our beds are even planted!

  14. Just looking at those photos makes you realize the difference between fresh produce and produce that comes in from far away. The colors are so vivid and beautiful, and all of it looks so flavorful.

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