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Construction Themed Party

These Construction themed party ideas come from celebrating a new baby in a family of life long construction workers.

Construction has always been the family business. Both of my brothers worked with our Dad in the family business most of their lives. My only nephew did as well.

When my nephew and his wife were expecting a baby, we gave them a construction themed baby shower. We didn’t have much luck finding a lot of ideas so we had to come up with our own. We did this baby shower on a budget to be able to make it a family friendly event for everyone. The arrival of my nephews son was a pretty big deal in our family. We wanted to include everyone in the fun!

These Hard Hat serving bowls were purchased at a local party store. Those were really cool, don’t you think!

Hard Hat Serving Bowls
Hard Hat Serving Bowls

I found Dump Truck and Bull Dozier Cookie Cutters online for cutting sandwich shapes!

Dump Truck shaped sandwiches
Dump Truck shaped sandwiches

Bull Dozier Shaped Sandwiches

Bull Dozier Shaped Sandwiches
Bull Dozier Shaped Sandwiches, cut with a cookie cutter

We decided to be a little creative with the cake. This is what we came up with…Dirt Cake! Crumbled up Oreo cookies create the ‘dirt’ on top!

Dirt Cake using crushed Oreo's for the 'dirt'
Dirt Cake using crushed Oreo’s for the ‘dirt’

We used Construction toys to decorate the table. This Front End Loader is ‘moving dirt’!

Watermelon Baby
Watermelon Baby made using Watermelon, Cantaloupe and a bag of thawed frozen fruit

Brown lunch bags were used for the plastic serving utensils. We also used an orange table cloth and orange napkins.

Brown Lunch Bags for Serving Utencils
Brown Lunch Bags for Serving Utensils

  Construction Toys adorn this adorable Diaper Wreath

Mini Construction Toys Adorn this Diaper Wreath
Mini Construction Toys Adorn this Diaper Wreath

Our Construction themed baby shower was a big hit. I hope you will be able to use some of these ideas.

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  1. So cute! My DS5 would love a party like this! I’ll have to look online for those cookie cutters.

  2. Stopping over from MMM link up…love this idea! Having a music themed birthday party for my one year old next weekend…will remember this for next year though!

  3. The hard hats are such a great and easy idea! Love it. The paper bags were also adorable and could be used for so many different themed parties.

  4. How cute and fun! It shows what you can do when you think outside of the box. It would also be fun ideas for a little kids birthday party.

  5. So cute! My grandson would love a construction themed party- minus the baby bottle and diaper wreath! Thanks for sharing at Living and Learning With Our New Normal!

  6. I love it! My three year old even came over and admired all of the trucks in your pictures. He loved it too! Funny thing, my husband just told me this morning that I should be in construction since I have a great love of home improvement and putting things back together (referring to installing a new dryer vent for our newly moved water and dryer). Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you. The watermelon baby is not too hard to do. I actually cut some of the watermelon pieces with those dump truck cookie cutters and placed them around the platter. The children in attendance ate it all up!

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