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4 Simple Morning Routine Hacks For Commuters & Everyone Else Too

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A stress free morning commute begins before you ever leave the house. My husband, Stacy owns 7 years of award certificates for perfect attendance with no tardies on his job! In high school, he had perfect attendance for 3 out of 4 years. I admire him for his punctuality and his ability to be there. I feel sorry for him when he is standing at the door, keys in hand waiting on me every Sunday morning. 

belVita Breakfast Biscuits and fruit for a satisfying breakfast.intelligentdomestications.com

Stacy has a 45 minute commute to work, one way. He has developed some good morning routine habits worth sharing. Practice his 4 routine habits to make your mornings smooth too.

1. NO smart phone INTERRUPTIONS 

Oh the distractions those smart phones can be! Don’t be tempted to check you phone before you even get out of the bed in the morning. Turning it off before going to bed will afford you a better night sleep, especially if you have not disabled notifications. Take a moment right now and daydream about having a morning routine uninterrupted by your smart phone. Don’t turn it back on until you are leaving the house.

2. Consolidate Necessities

Do you have an ID card to get in the building where you work? Have you ever been in a hurry to get to work early and couldn’t find the car keys? Create a place to keep any required ID cards, car keys, purse, wallet and such in one location. Develop the habit of using your central location all the time. Stacy has a small tray where all those necessities go. 

3. Do these tasks the night before
  • Lay out your clothes the night before
  • Get the coffee pot ready and set the timer 
  • Prepare your lunch bag tonight for tomorrow
4. Breakfast

Don’t skip breakfast! You’ll need energy to help you make it until lunch time. We try to stay away from food with lots of high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and all those nasty artificial flavors and sweeteners. Don’t waste you money on those sweet rolls in the vending machine with empty calories. You’ll be hungry before lunch time. You do need to enjoy a breakfast which will provide you with nutritious steady energy all morning. Let me share what Stacy takes for breakfast.

We learned about belVita Breakfast Biscuits from a family friend who loves food made with grains. We always tell our friends the good stuff, don’t we! Sometimes we need convincing because we don’t always think something will really be tasty or yummy. Our friend convinced us by buying a box and bringing it to our house! She really wanted us to try belVita Breakfast Biscuits, didn’t she. That was a few years ago. They are now my hubby’s go-to breakfast and always on our Target shopping list.

Golden Oat belVita Breakfast Biscuits 875x671.intelligentdomestications.com

Stacy adds a package of belVita Breakfast Biscuits to his lunch bag. Then he enjoys them along with his coffee and some fruit while viewing email after he gets to the office. He likes to also have some fruit because belVita Breakfast Biscuits are not intended to be a stand alone breakfast. 

Find belVita Breakfast Biscuits at Target on the Breakfast Bar Isle 1.intelligentdomestications.com

I love shopping at Target so I was thrilled when I discovered a nice selection of belVita Breakfast Biscuits about .30 per box cheaper than the grocery store! Win, win! Target is a very coupon friendly store. If you don’t have their Cartwheel app, check your app store, it’s free and always has loads of great relevant coupons. 

Our breakfast cabinet.intelligentdomestications.com

This is what our breakfast cabinet looks like! Stacy’s favorites are Blueberry and Golden Oat but we really like them all. We may run out the door at the last minute to church sometimes and share the Bites on the way. Remember how he is standing at the door with the keys waiting patiently for me on Sunday mornings?

4 Simple Morning Routine Hacks.intelligentdomestications.com

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Adopt these 4 Simple Morning Routine Hacks for a better start to your work day

  1. No smart phone interruptions
  2. Consolidate neccessities
  3. Prepare the night before; 
    • Lay out your clothes 
    • Get the coffee pot ready and set the timer 
    • Prepare your lunch bag 
  4. Pack belVita Breakfast Biscuits for breakfast

Follow belVita for all sorts of tips, ideas and surprises! In December belVita gave 50 winners one-month of unlimited access to Lynda.com, on-demand courses taught by industry experts, and a free sample of belVita. How cool is that?! I saw it on their Facebook page, thought you’d like to know, they are cool folks to follow.

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4 SimpleMorning RoutineHacks.intelligentdomestications.com

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  1. Such great organization. I used to do everything the night before, but now I rush and do it all at the last minute. Thanks for sharing your tips with us at Funtastic Friday.

  2. I’m a night before kinda girl but there are some other great tips as well to make the morning rush hour not so rushed. Thanks for sharing at #OvertheMoon

  3. Great tips! I love Belvita Breakfast Biscuits. They are my go-to breakfast when I’m in a hurry in the morning. Thanks for sharing at Inspiration Thursday.

  4. I love these ideas! They are great tips that will help me as well and I don’t commute. I just want to be more productive in the mornings. My husband will love these. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great tips! My husband are I are never late for anything. I am usually at work a half hour early just so I can get everything together and not feel rushed..

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. These are great ideas. Unfortunately, none of us are morning people so we need all the tips we can get to help mornings go smooth. These Belvita snacks look really good too and are a great option for busy mornings.

  7. Those are good tips. Since my husband retired and we started homeschooling, our mornings have been much more relaxed. My son is returning to school in the fall, however, and we will need to get back on routine. These hacks will definitely help.
    Happy new year.

  8. These are really good hacks. My daughter has an issue getting up and getting moving in the morning. She has never been a morning person! I will pass these tips on to her and I am sure if she adopts a couple of them, she can become a better morning person.

  9. Such a great post Shirley. It is always nice to have a good morning routine. I am a stay-at-home mom but I still try to establish routines for the little kids. The morning is just to hectic when we don’t have stuff in order. We have an outing on Saturday so I have already have the kids picked out their clothing plus the ones for church on Sunday, too. I figured we probably would be a bit tired to do so when we return home from our friends.
    I have been trying to do all of these including the consolidation one for my husband by using a small tray near the entryway. And that checking emails and phone in the morning totally starts the morning off wrong. I do find myself guilty sometimes checking stuff but when I do, I usually tend to get off the routine.
    Anyway, I have seen these crackers but don’t think I have ever tried them. I would have to pick up a few when I am at Target to try them out. My husband is a big breakfast fan!

  10. I’m so much like your husband! When I was working outside the home, I was always 30 minutes early for work. I liked the quiet before the storm. Even now, I’m always early. I tell people that if I’m late, something is wrong and they had better look for me. 🙂 I’ve never tried those breakfast biscuits before. The next time I’m in Target, I’ll look for them.

  11. My “morning” commute is actually an “evening” commute because I work night shifts. The biggest thing I did was to get in the habit of putting my work “stuff” in my locker before I leave for the morning. I don’t have to have anything to get into the building, so this means I only have to remember where my car keys are!

    The harder commute is Thursday evenings to church… getting seven kids appropriately attired and out the door is a major endeavor!

  12. Our teenage daughter, of all people, put us on to turning the cellphone on airplane mode at bedtime. Same deal as turning off the phone.

    No interruptions, better sleep, and you save your battery.

    This was a great list for morning commuters!!!

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