Pimento Cheese Burgers: Low Carb Dinner

If you like pimento cheese and you also like burgers, then you should really like these Pimento Cheese burgers! Not only are they yummy but they are also great for a low carb diet!

My husband is the pimento cheese chef at our house. He is actually a talented individual in many ways. Be sure you check out this  creative Solar Porch Chandelier he made for our front porch!

We normally would grill our burgers outside but we were experiencing a really nice rainy day when we prepared this meal so I prepared them on top of the stove.

Spread a dallop of the pimento cheese on top of the burgers for about the last minute of cook time.intelligentdomestications.comWhen your burgers are about a minute away from being done, place a nice dollop of pimento cheese on top and allow it to just begin to melt. Be careful when taking your pimento cheese burgers up so you don’t loose any of that yummy stuff!

Pimento Cheese Burgers.Low Carb when served with no bun.#lowcarb intelligentdomestications.comWe enjoy eating our Pimento Cheese Burgers low carb style without the bread.

Stacy loves Southern Living recipes. Who doesn’t?  His go-to Pimento Cheese recipe (pictured on the burgers) is available on their site here.

He made the pimento cheese fresh as I was cooking the burgers. Teamwork is great in the kitchen!

There are only a few ingredients involved in making good pimento cheese. Be sure to spring for the good cheese! Stacy refuses to buy bagged shredded cheese when making this recipe, he buys the blocks and shreds them himself.  We live in the deep south where Dukes mayonnaise is heralded as sacred! We wouldn’t even think about using any other brand!

Pimento Cheese Ingredients.intelligentdomestications.com

This delicious Basic Pimento Cheese Spread will be even better the next day!

If it’s burgers you love with fun toppings, you may like to check out my Tomato & Red Onion Jelly Burger!

Who needs ketchup when you can top your burgers with Tomatoe & Onion Jelly. Find the recipe at www.intelligentdomestications.com

Join Stacy and I on our Hot Dog Tour across the southeast. We love hot dogs even more than hamburgers, so we are sharing our journey of visiting hot dog joints on our travels.

Which one is your favorite, Hot Dogs or Hamburgers?



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    • Thank you Chrystal. I’m looking forward to the party at #stoptheyuck! I really ought to put more effort into low carb and healthy eating. Blogging has really offered me the opportunity to find some great recipes for that! Now is I would just cook them!

  1. Dukes is the only brand of mayo allowed in my house! 🙂 And those pimento cheese burgers look delish. I know my hubs would love them.

    • Men do love the good stuff best, don’t they! My mother wouldn’t have any other brand in the house! Duke’s reigns in the south, but I know that you know that!

    • Oh my goodness, those fresh peppers will be awesome in a pimento cheese recipe! I’d make some roasted red pepper dip too if I was harvesting fresh peppers! Why in the world didn’t I plant some?! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • It was good. We’ve made Pimento burgers twice this summer. I probably won’t be able to get him to make that delicious pimento cheese again anytime soon though 🙂

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