Exciting Day of Outdoor Activities for Kids At The Rock Ranch In Georgia

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We spent an exciting, fun filled and action packed dat at The Rock Ranch in Georiga. It’s a 1500 acre ranch founded by the late Chick-fil-A founder, S. Truett Cathy.

Ok, well I know you don’t all actually live in Georgia but you may be interested to know that you can even book a stay at The Rock Ranch! I’ll tell you more about that later.

An aerial view of The Rock Ranch Corn Maze 2014 Wizard of Oz
The theme for the Corn Maze at The Rock Ranch this year is The Wizard of Oz.

Day Trip With The Kids

We took our two youngest grandchildren, ages 5 and 8, to The Rock Ranch for a day of family fun. The corn maze was the main reason we went. This was our first time enjoying a corn maze and we were all excited about that so we did the Corn Maze first thing after arriving! 

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Did you know that Chik fil A offers a behind the scenes tour of their home office in Atlanta? Yep and it’s fabulous. They treated us like royalty for the day! Here are the details.

Corn Maze

Corn Maze at The Rock Ranch in Georgia

Walking through the Corn Maze was a lot of fun. They give you a flag pole at the entrance. If you become overwhelmed or get lost, you can raise that flag and someone will come to your rescue. Our little 8 year old grandson took great pleasure in carrying that flag.

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There is a plethora of activities to enjoy! We did not see or do everything! I want to share some of the highlights of our day with you.

Tiny Town is a really big deal at The Rock Ranch! As you will see in the photo below the streets of Tiny Town are crowded with parent’s awaiting children as they tour every tiny house. The grand’s asked to go back there after we rode the train so we did make a second trip through.

Outdoor activities kids are doingOne of the things I really like about The Rock Ranch is the fact that the majority of all activities are physical. It is like a ginormous play area with all the best stuff! 

Kids playing

I snapped the above photo while waiting in line to ride the train (an hour wait). The campus is really beautiful at the ranch.

Kids playing at The Rock Ranch in GeorgiaSome of the activities in the above photo are in the foreground and some a short walk away. I really wanted you to see how much and how varied the activities are.

One of the favorites for our grandchildren was the Jumping Pillow!

Outdoor play at The Rock Ranch in GeorgiaThe Pipe Slide is popular with children as well as their parents! As quick as they come out the bottom, they have run back up the hill to go again!

Kids playing in a  Corn Box

Who needs a ball pit when you can play in a Corn Box? There are open ‘windows’ on all sides so parents just reach in and lift their children right out.
Outdoor activities at The Rock Ranch in Georgia

There are  Paddle boats, Cane Pole Fishing and new this year a Hand Crafted and Hand Painted Carousel

More Attractions at The Rock Ranch

  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Petting Zoo
  • Zip Line
  • Horse shoes
  • Toddler Playground
  • Fish Feeding

Food To Eat At The Rock Ranch

There are 5 restaurants with a variety of selections which include Chik-fil-a chicken sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Salads & Wraps, BBQ Pork, Turkey legs and more.

Restaurant menu

We had lunch at The Conestoga Wagon Grille. There is a nice shady pole barn located close by with a great view to dine comfortably.


Admission prices depend on what season you are visiting and what kind of festivals and events are going on at the time. There is always an exciting outdoor event to enjoy at The Rock Ranch. See the site for more information and to plan your visit.

Where is The Rock Ranch Located

The Rock Ranch is located in The Rock, Ga. which is in the western area of the state about 45 minutes west of Macon.

Accommodations at The Rock Ranch

Seriously, isn’t that just the coolest camping you can think of?

Conestoga Wagons provide a unique camping experience at The Rock Ranch. There is also Tent Camping available.

If camping isn’t your thing, that is ok because there are Farm Style houses you can rent which offer Southern Living experience.

We had a wonderful day at The Rock Ranch. The children were excited and talkative on the way but exhausted and quiet on the way home! We would definitely go again. The only thing we would do different is go earlier to have more time!

Photos of outdoor activities at The Rock Ranch in Georgia

Updated 9/27/2020

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  1. It has been so hectic with the move that we haven’t made it to the pumpkin patch, but plan to this weekend. All the good pumpkins will probably be gone but I know there will still be a lot of fun. That is an amazing corn maize! Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.

  2. This looks like such a fun place! I want to go, but I don’t live in Georgia. 🙁 I’m obsessed with the Wizard of Oz, so that corn maze looks amazing. And I love the Conestoga wagon camping. I guess I’ll have to settle the creepy wigwam campground we have here in Kentucky. 🙂

  3. That looks like loads of fun! We did a corn maze once in Metamora Indiana. It’s a good think my husband was with me. I had no clue where I was. i’m not sure I would have found my way out without him! LOL!

  4. I loved it when I went there a couple of weeks ago we had a blast got lost in the maze for about an hour so we didn’t get to do everything we are going back soon.

  5. I love places like this…Especially love the corn box. Last week, I took the kids to a pumpkin patch farm and they have a corn box, too! They had so much fun jumping around and playing in that huge sensory play box. I admit, I got in, too!!! LOl!!

  6. I saw a review of The Rock Ranch a couple of weeks ago by another blogger and I was wondering why I had never heard of this place! It looks like so much fun! I know your grands had a blast! The next time we visit our parents in Rochelle and the grands are along, we must check it out. Those covered wagons are really cool and I like that you can actually spend the night in one! I bet they are booked up for months in advance! I learned so much more about The Rock Ranch from your post. Thanks, Shirley!

  7. That looks like an awesome place to have some fall fun. I want to take the kids to something like that this year and have them run around in a big corn maze.

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