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Southern Shrimp & Grits Pie

Seriously, have you even heard of a grits pie, let alone a Shrimp & Grits Pie?

Trust me when I say, you will want to try this recipe if you have an ounce of southern in your bones.

Southern-Shrimp-and-Grits-Pie #shrimpandgrits

My husband, Stacy knows his way around the kitchen pretty good. You can find his popular Strawberry cake recipe here. I think he looks forward to the Southern Living magazine arrival each month just as much as I do. We were both excited when he picked out the Shrimp ‘n’ Grits Pie to try from the March edition. We have been playing around with some Shrimp and Grits recipes in the kitchen but this one has a nice twist, it’s a pie!

Crockpot Grits

I won’t lie, we may have shared a difference of opinion about how long to cook the grits in the crockpot. In my defense, I have always been the one to do it. We eventually realized there was an important factor absent from the discussion. The recipe in the magazine calls for stone ground grits. We keep quick grits in our pantry. Problem solved. You can indeed cook quick grits in the crockpot, just cut the time in half. We actually did go to our grocery store in search of stone ground grits but didn’t find them. I’ll be on the lookout in the future though.

Southern-shrimp-and-grits-pie #shrimpandgrits

The marina sauce gives this pie it’s nice orange color. Next time, and there will be a next time, we are considering using Rotel instead of marinara to give it a little kick.


Southern-Shrimp-and-Grits-Pie #shrimpandgrits

Do you like your grits thick or thin?

We could not wait to cut a slice of this pie and get a look at the inside! It held its form quite well. We were anxious to dig in! Now true southerners like their grits either very thin or a little on the thick side. Because this is indeed a pie, you will need to be open minded about thick grits. Notice in the top photo of this post, you can tell they are not one solid piece but just nice and thick with lots of flavor. 

Shrimp-and-grits #shrimpandgrits
Shrimp and Grits Pie. A true southern delicacy. Grits infused with marinara and flavored with bacon, basil, jumbo shrimp and 2 cheeses.

This recipe includes:

  • Crockpot grits
  • marinara sauce
  • fresh grated parmesan cheese
  • feta cheese
  • shrimp (we used jumbo)
  • fresh basil
  • cooked bacon

With this combination of ingredients, you know this dish is delicious! It’s a great recipe to keep in mind when you have houseguests. We area already planning to make it for our daughter and son-in-law on their next visit. They have also enjoyed Stacy’s Bacon & Swiss Quiche, another good breakfast for dinner recipe.

Find the recipe HERE.

Do you like your grits thick or thin?

Thank you for sharing!

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  1. I have never tried grits either, but this looks awesome! Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty hope you will link up again!

  2. This looks like a delicious dish…I’d love to make it. Do you have a suggestion as to what I could sub for the feta? Neither my hubby or I care for it….thanks!

  3. Thick grits! Always thicker creamy grits! We love making shrimp and grits (I actually just made some for our Valentine’s Day dinner), but never thought about making them into a pie like this and never ever thought about the slow cooker, which is rather ingenious. I think I would choose to add rotel instead of marinara sauce too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am half Southern and I can tell you my mind is BLOWN! I don’t know why I never thought of a dish like this before.

    found you from On Display Thursdays.

    1. It sounds like you do love grits. I have a confession, I like lumpy grits! There used to be a cook at the Waffle House who would leave a lump or two in the grits just for me 🙂 She scoop those lumps right into my bowl. I like thick grits best of all.

  5. Shirley I must admit I love the look of your pie and would love to try it but grits in Australia , just not sure if we can even buy them. I think maybe polenta would be the closest but not too sure. Thanks for sharing on #wednesdayswisdom

    1. As part Southern and part Italian I can tell you Polenta will work fine. Polenta is ground corn and Grits are ground hominy (corn that’s soaked in lime to remove the husks).

  6. Shirley, I love shrimp but for some reason this Southern girl has never liked grits. lol I would most definitely pick the shrimp off and eat them though. 🙂

    1. LoL, Bonnie. I think there are lots of southerners who don’t eat grits. Funny, my son-in-law didn’t eat grits until he married my daughter. I’m with you about that shrimp though. I feel like Bubba Gump about shrimp!

  7. I like my grits on the thin side – not runny – but not gloppy thick. My husband loves my shrimp and grits, but I have never made shrimp and grits pie and it looks amazing. I don’t remember seeing that one in my March SL. I need to go back and check it out. My family would LOVE IT! When I make it, I’ll add the rotel, too. We like spicy!

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