Secret Southern Garden Stroll

My husband and I had the pleasure of attending a local Secret Southern Garden Stroll recently. It was really just so much fun. I took over 100 pictures!

Secret Southern Garden Stroll Macon Georgia

About the Stroll

This Spring Stroll was sponsored by The Hay House in Macon, Ga. Although we do not live in Macon, both my husband and I are from there. Our daughter was married at the Hay House which is a beautiful antebellum mansion rich with southern history.  It was a winter Peacock themed wedding which you can read about here.

There were 5 homes in the Garden Stroll. All were located in an older Macon neighborhood known for the lush landscapes. Most were within walking distance from each other making for a nice Sunday Secret Garden Stroll.

The first house is situated far enough off the road for privacy but only minutes from town with a busy street right off the winding driveway. As you enter the property, you are surrounded by sprawling ground covers, perennials and hardwood trees. Only seconds into the stroll the busy street is forgotten. 

Secret Southern Garden Stroll in Macon Georgia


This foot bridge was added to connect the landscape separated by a creek which runs through the property. It’s such a relaxing and serene setting.

Secret Southern Garden Stroll Macon Ga.

Beautiful climbing white roses cascading over the fence which is garnished by a southern annual favorite, mixed impatiens. This area of the yard frames the pool providing a nice relaxing space for the family to enjoy on hot summer days.

Secret Southern Garden Stroll Macon Georgia

Here we find another southern landscaping staple underneath this wonderful old tree, a plush bed of lirope . Don’t you simply adore the miniature picnic table topped with a garden statue?

Secret Southern Garden Stroll Macon Georgia

Moving on to the next home on the secret garden tour. What would a garden tour be without spectacular flowers? These Amaryllis’ are indeed spectacular. Don’t you agree?

Secret Southern Garden Tour Macon Georgia

This cozy back porch faces a quiet serene back yard carpeted with plush green grass and surrounded by hardwoods. 

Secret Southern Garden Tour Macon Georgia

The unique feature of this particular home is this fun hidden tree house! It is located in a ravine and accessible by a swinging bridge! There is a 360 degree view once you are in the tree house. The tree house is actually 2 stories with a ladder located in the center for access to the lower floor. Wouldn’t you enjoy hiding out there with a good book, especially in the Fall?

Secret Southern Garden Stroll Macon Georgia. Take a stroll through some old southern back yards where the grass is plush and the decor is gorgeous.

I have saved my absolute favorite photos for the second part of the tour here. One of the homes is nestled in the side of rolling hills surrounded by the woods. They have made the best use of space by planting vegetable gardens in every little nook and cranny!

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  1. When I saw the title with the word “stroll”, I thought what in the world is a stroll. Then as I began to read the first line, it hit me. Duh, I always use the word stroll but I guess it caught me off guard (LOL). And then, at first glace, I thought this was your place:) Oh my, the serenity, the quiet, the beauty, everything! I sure love it. And of course, that climbing into that tree house in the fall or spring with a good book sounds good to me!

  2. What a nice tour. Wish I could take a stroll there myself. I love that porch. It would be nice to sit out there in the evenings.

    1. There were a LOT of giant trees. Most of those properties have been there since the early 50’s so those trees are OLD! A nasty tornado came through Macon a few years ago which wiped out some of those old trees.

    1. I’m really making tough decisions on which pics to share. If only I could share all of them! That is why I am adding more to the Facebook album.

  3. What a beautiful tour! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your pictures.

    My daughters are taking me on a porch and garden tour Saturday and I’m looking forward to it!

    I love to see what other people are doing in their gardens so that I can get new ideas.

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