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5 Common Household Items Repurposed

Looking for ways to repurpose common household items? Here are 5 household items repurposed into something useful.

common household items that can be repurposed

Common household items can be repurposed into something useful. Clever ways to reuse household items and save a few bucks.

Repurposing has been around since the beginning of time. We all get thrifty when money gets tight but when the economy tanks and prices go up, we really get super thrifty. If you get into the habit of repurposing, you can always use these ideas.

There are a plethora of different ways you can repurpose everyday household items. We all know that old t-shirts make great cleaning rags and old newspapers can be used to make a compostable faux peat pot.

Drop cloths can be used for home decor crafting like this Drop Cloth Pillow Cover or this Fall Pumpkin Garden Flag.

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I. Repurposed Parmesan Cheese Container

Parmesan cheese container Repurposed for plastic cutlery.intelligentdomestications.com
Parmesan cheese container repurposed

I really like the repurposed parmesan cheese container idea for plastic ware because it is a rigid container protecting its contents.  You can see through it too!

You could of course store anything of your choosing in that container. I like to pack some plastic ware when we go on trips, this container is perfect for that.

More Ways To Repurpose A Parmesan Cheese Container

Always use a clean and dry container

  1. Great for sprinkling powdered sugar
  2. Store dried Herbs (See 15 Cooking Herbs To Grow at Home)
  3. Great for storing Glitter or confetti
  4. Easily sprinkle a mixture of Cinnamon Sugar
  5. Store candy sprinkles and use to sprinkle them onto desserts
  6. Use it in the garage or shed for nails, screws, bolts, and such
  7. Snacks for kids going out to play or on a car trip (Also see Road Trip Car Games)
  8. Store crayons or sidewalk chalk
  9. Holds a small ball of yarn with a long piece pulled out for a cats toy
  10. Great for storing baking chips
  11. The lid fits mason jars making it super handy
  12. Coin bank

II. Repurposed Plastic Buckets

Repurposed pet food buckets by intelligentdomestications.com

We used to purchase cat food in these nice plastic buckets. They are great for repurposing because they are sturdy, see-through, and have a lid and handle!

Create cool dog water in the yard. When burrowing a bucket in the ground for pet water, be sure to leave about the top third above ground and keep it filled. This worked quite well for us because we have large dogs.

A plastic bucket with a lid also works well for fast composting. You can see through it and know how quickly your compost is decomposing. I left mine on the back deck and used it during the winter. The sun helped to heat up the compost during the day.

We have also used them as storage for seasonal decorations and currently have one serving nicely as a mop bucket.

Let me explain the dog water bucket buried in the ground.

We live in the deep south where temps commonly reach 100 in the summer. When you couple high temps with lots of humidity, summer can be difficult. In an effort to provide water in various locations around the yard for our dogs, we came up with this idea. The bucket is tall enough to bury with part remaining out of the ground. Our intention was for the dogs to have cooler water during the heat of the summer. It is buried under an oak tree in the front yard. The dogs absolutely love it!

More Uses for A 5 Gallon Bucket

  1. Container garden for vegetables
  2. Mop bucket
  3. Make a portable potty when Primitive camping
  4. Store charcoal to keep it dry
  5. Turn it upside down and use it for an outdoor seat
  6. As a trash bin
  7. Fill with dirt or concrete and use as an anchor weight for tents

III. Repurposed Tissue BoxesRepurposed tissue boxes by intelligentdomestications.com

There is just no telling how many different uses there may be for repurposing tissue boxes!

  1. The big boxes are great for holding the cat litter scoop. You can just toss it in the garbage and replace it with a ‘new’ box when needed.
  2. Keep a box under the counter for storing plastic bags to use as small trash can liners.
  3. Store one in the laundry room for dryer lint which makes a good fire starter for the fireplace or fire pit or add to the compost pile.
  4. Make Bookmarks. Cut the pretty pattern off the side of the box for a bookmark.
  5. Drawer organization. See How To Make An Organized Junk Drawer for Free.
  6. Small trash catcher. Keep one in the car for small trash. Toss and repeat.
  7. Ball holder for Junk-in-the-Trunk Party Game
  8. Store golf balls
  9. Yarn ball holder. Make a hole in the side to pull out one long piece
  10. Store crayons for little fingers to reach

IV. Repurposed Coffee Creamer Containers

Repurposed coffee creamer container holding coconut by intelligentdomestications.com

Wash and dry the container by hand prior to repurposing it. These plastic containers will not survive the dishwasher, sadly.

I cut the label from the coconut bag and taped it to the container. It fits well in the pantry.

More Ways To Repurpose Coffee Creamer Containers

  1. Snack storage such as Goldfish, Raisins, Nuts, Cheerios, M&M’s, and so forth. Going on a road trip? Portion out the snacks and give child their own container.
  2. Store dried peas and beans
  3. Craft room storage; buttons, beads and small baubles
  4. Makes a great pouring spout when making pancakes
  5. Store straws for picnics or road trips
  6. Crafts such as Snowman or see these Thanksgiving Pilgrims craft for kids
  7. Make a bowling game for toddlers to play indoors

V. Repurposed Tension Rod

Repurposed tension rod for space saver under bathroom cabinet by intelligentdomestications.com

Hanging a tension rod under the bathroom counter does provide a little extra space when needed.  A word of caution though, don’t hang anything too heavy unless you have gotten the tension rod good and tight!

  1. Under a kitchen cabinet for dividing lids or tall cutting boards
  2. In the craft or sewing room to store spools of ribbon
  3. In a closet with curtain clips to hold hats, scarves, or belts
  4. Inside of a kitchen drawer to separate items such as lids from containers
  5. Create a temporary baby or dog gate in a doorway by using multiple tension rods

What everyday items can you repurpose?

Cardboard boxes are great for making playtime more fun. Kids love to play with boxes. See this Snowman Bean Bag Toss game made with boxes.

Old shower curtains can be used to cover the floors when you are painting.

There is an untold number of ways to use empty glass jars in creative ways including craft supply storage.

Did you know that you can break apart styrofoam egg cartons and use them like packing peanuts? Yes.

I have seen pretty wine bottles used and a candle holder for outdoor entertaining. A fun repurpose project.

Wine corks can be used as place card holders for a fun party table.

A picture frame can be used for more than pictures. See this DIY Framed Peg Board. Use this idea for garage, craft room, or kitchen storage.

More Repurpose Ideas for The Home

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How To Repurpose Mayonnaise Jars Into Pretty Craft Storage. Decorate the jars to match your color scheme.

Four Ways To Repurpose Flannel Shirts for Home Decor. These are fun for Fall decorating.

How To Give An Old Coffee Can A Second Life As A Bird Feeder. Make a Patriotic birdhouse for your yard.

31 Clever Ways To Repurpose Common Household Items

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  3. I love these ideas, especially the tissue box for cat litter scoop. I never would have thought of that and it really does make sense. I too enjoy reusing and repurposing, but now I see that I need to get a bit more creative with it.
    Thanks for the great ideas.

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