Clever Ways To Repurpose Clothes Hangers For Storage

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I am sharing clever ways I repurpose clothes hangers for storage of hard-to-store items around the house. Extra closet space is a plus and a blessing.

Clever ways to repurpose clothes hangers for storage and organization

There are so very many ways in which you can repurpose clothes hangers many of which are quite crafty. I like to use them for storage other than hanging clothes on them. 

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The light bulb moment came to me many years ago when I saw Wreaths being stored on hangers. I have long since lost that particular Pin through the ebb and flow of my Pinterest but have lots of similar ideas on my Home Organization board right here.

Repurpose clothes hangers into clever storage solutions. Hang your reusable bags and lunch bags in extra closet space.

While house hunting a few years ago I saw a well organized closet full of gift bags stored on clothes hangers! The realtor and I both smiled when we saw it and agreed it was something we would do in our own home. I went home that very day and put that idea to use. 

I now store lunch bags and reusable grocery or shopping bags on clothes hangers in a closet. I never have to hunt for where they are and they are easily accessible.

Yard flags and wreath storage solutions using clothes hangers and closet space. #repurpose #closetorganization #intellid

One thing I was excited about doing when we moved from the country to the city was displaying those pretty yard flags by our front entrance. I quickly learned that there needed to be a place to store them when not in use.

I repurposed those pant hangers from the clothing store which are the perfect storage solution for more than one thing! There are 2 flags stored on each hanger. I keep them right next to the Wreaths in a closet used just for that purpose.

Wreath storage using clothes hangers. Repurpose clothes hangers from clothing to wreath storage and solve a household problem. Wreath storage made easy. #storage

Wreath Storage using clothes hangers make a difficult household storage problem easily solved. You can’t really lay wreaths on top of one another and them keep their nice shape. There are only so many places to hang them for storage. We are lucky to have what would be a coat closet available for our wreaths, yard flags and more.

Last spring we hosted the most fun Luau party complete with a photo booth and stick props. All of the grass skirts including the grass skirt table decor are stored on hangers in a closet. Repurposing hangers for storage makes it much easier for awkward size items. Since they are not bunched up in a box, they won’t become misshapen.

How to store plastic photo backdrops

The plastic photo backdrop from our Luau party is reusable at least once. I stored it along with the grass skirts and table decor on hangers in the closet. Now all of the Luau supplies are in one spot and ready for the next party!

You can also store tablecloths or placemats on hangers in a closet making them easily accessible and quick to take a look at.

GO HERE to see our Luau Party!

Of course you can store hats on a closet shelf if you have the shelf space available. At a whopping 5 ft. 0, I cannot reach the closet shelf. That is my main inspiration for using hangers to store my wide brim summer hats. Both of the hats here have a scarf band which I hook over the hanger. Easy peasy reach for me and the keep their shape.

Repurpose clothes hangers as pockebook storage in a closet.

My pocketbooks and purses are also on hangers in a closet. Remember that I can’t reach the top shelf in my closet? Yep, that is why hangers are so handy for purse storage. 

DIY Duck Tape Clothespin Bag

Years ago, back in 2015 actually, I made myself a Clothespin bag which I still use. The bag is made using Duck tape and I also covered a clothes hanger to match for the bag to hang on. You can take a look at that easy project right here.

My closets are just like yours, full of clothes hangers but clothes are not the only thing they are supporting! Repurposing clothes hangers to keep household items organized solves a problem for me. 


  • Wreaths
  • Yard Flags
  • Reusable grocery bags
  • Lunch bags
  • Pocketbooks
  • Hats
  • Photo Booth Props on a stick
  • Plastic Photo Backdrops
  • Party Table skirts
  • Luau party Grass Skirts

Clever DIY Home Storage Solutions

Clever Repurpose and Upcycle Home Storage Solutions you can DIY

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  1. How funny, I do the same thing! I hang my purses, wreaths, belts, and more on hangers. It helps me save space and get things off the ground. Love it!

  2. I love the idea of using hangers for gift bags, because I seem to have a lot of them! However, I don’t have any extra closet space, so there’s that! Maybe I can find another space to hang them!

  3. I don’t have a lot of closet space, but I’m thinking of having my husband put up a closet rod in the basement because I’m inspired to hang up my photo booths and wreaths with hangers. Brilliant!

  4. These are all great ideas, Shirley. I hang wreaths and purses like that, too. I especially like the gift bag storage. I have a wrapping paper / bag organizer that hangs in a closet, but it’s always full. The extras get put into a bin and I forget I have them. I’m going to use this idea.

  5. I think this is such a great way to store those usual size items. Never thought about using the hangers for those. I do hang my throw pillow covers on paint hangers. Great way to keep them nice and neat.

    1. Hi Terrie, Thank you for that idea about the pillow covers! I will put it to good use! I have made envelope pillow covers for most of my throw pillows which are currently folded on a closet shelf but not for long! Thanks! Glad you found some ideas you could use too!

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