Williamsburg White House Inn Bed & Breakfast Review

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A review of our recent week long stay at Williamsburg White House Inn Bed & Breakfast in Williamsburg Virginia.

Outdoor seating in the front yard at Whitehouse Inn Bed and Breakfast in Williamsburg Virginia

We finally decided to visit Virginia! It had been on my wish list for years. Not sure why we waited so long because the state of Virginia is really beautiful just as I had anticipated. The drive off the highway into Williamburg was very pleasant with lush green woods and forests land as well as farms along the way. 

We were surprised at the number of Plantations we passed along the way. Having lived in Georgia most of my life, I know there are few plantations remaining and those have become tourist attractions. I was under the mistaken impression we had more of them than anyone else. There are plenty of tourist plantations to visit in Virginia.

Screenshot of Williamsburg White House Inn Bed & Breakfast

Screenshot of the outside of White House Inn B&B Williamsburg Virginia


Expectations are different for everyone. Some folks just want a bed and a shower because they don’t plan to be in their room long anyway. We look for the experience when staying at a Bed and Breakfast. Part of the experience is exploring the house itself, hearing the history behind it and seeing the period furniture most B&B’s enjoy displaying. We also look forward to those amazing breakfast most Innkeepers plan for their guests.

I wouldn’t know what the most common length of stay is for B&B travelers. In the past we usually only stay for a weekend when we visit a B&B. We decided to spend our entire week long Virginia vacation at White House Inn. The pictures of the outside are so inviting.

Commander-in-Chief Choice Special

We booked using the Commander-in-Chief Choice Special which allows the Inn Keeper to assign your King bed room. Having never been there it truly didn’t matter which theme room we stayed in. We assumed all of the rooms would be marvelous because the pictures on their website were all inviting. It is not revealed on their website that you could possibly wind up in an building behind the house rather than in the beautiful Colonial house pictured. 

The Churchill bedroom at Whitehouse Inn Bed & Breakfast in Williamsburg Virginia #bedandbreakfast


Our biggest disappointment was for the room not to be in the main house. It was behind the main house in what seemed to be a detached building. We assume it was detached because there is no hallway to get from where we were into the main house. 

No central air. Their website states central heat and air. There is small window unit air conditioner in the Winston Churchill room. We were there the week of the 4th of July when temps were pretty hot. The air in the room just didn’t ever really get as cool as we would have liked. 

No luggage racks. There is no where to sit your luggage which meant heaving it onto the bed every morning and every evening. My hubby contacted the number provided and inquired about getting a luggage rack. He was told they don’t have those.

The maid opened drawers which I personally thought was just wrong. After you check into a place of lodging where you are reserved to be for multiple days, it becomes your domain. I considered storing my medicine in a bedside drawer and ultimately decided against it. We knew the maid had plundered because they have an envelope requesting a tip for their cleaning service on the bed when you first arrive. I placed that envelope into the bedside drawer. The next day after returning from our daily activities, that envelope was no longer in the drawer but back on the bed. I am glad I did not store anything in that drawer.

If you have a need, you have to call the phone number provided on business cards placed in the room and wait on a return call. Since their website states the owners live on the property and they manage the B&B themselves, it made us feel like we would be intruding on them if we needed something.

Seating area in the Churchill Room at Whitehouse Inn B&B Williamsburg Virginia.


The shower is very small with no tub. I am here to tell you that standing up in a tiny shower trying to shave your legs is no fun. It’s so small, you couldn’t really get out from under the water enough to soap up to bathe. 

The bathroom had no counter space at all. They have a basket on the floor with towels and wash cloths. There is no where to sit your toiletries. 

Cheapest toilet paper ever. Walmart public restrooms have better toilet paper. Seriously, neither of us have ever even seen toilet paper so cheap that it doesn’t even have perforations for tearing the sheet off.


Expecting a fabulous breakfast is one of the driving factors in deciding to stay at a B&B. My brother told me he has only stayed at one B&B ever because all they served for breakfast was sweets. I encouraged him to try again because that was not the norm. Most serve fabulous breakfasts which you may continue to remember fondly for years to come.

Savannah Beach Inn Bed & Breakfast 2009 Tybee Island Georgia

Left to right; Jean (Mom’s best friend), Mom, me and my husband Stacy

That is the case for us after having stayed at Mayor’s Mansion in Chattanooga. The same goes for our blissful stay at Savannah Beach Inn way back in 2009. We still talk about those breakfast’s too. At Savannah we were invited to sit at the bar in the kitchen and chat with the chef as she prepared breakfast. It was the most fun and became more of an experience than just a meal as we watched her cook in that big old wonderful kitchen. 

Mayor's Mansion Inn Bed & Breakfast 2017

The photo above tells you more of what we experienced for breakfast at Mayor’s Mansion in Chattanooga. See our review of the Mayor’s Mansion Inn B&B Chattanooga, Tn.

Breakfast choices at Whitehouse are mostly just sweet breads such as pancakes, waffles and french toast. Yes, they do fancy them up with powdered sugar and fruit but in the end you could order that meal at any IHOP in the country. We only ate breakfast our first morning there because we did not care for anything they offered and we left much earlier to begin our day than they served breakfast. 

During our stay the breakfast choices each day were;

Day 1: Waffles or Cold Cereal

Day 2: Omelet or Cold Cereal

Day 3: Pancakes or Cold Cereal

Day 4: Eggs Benedict or Cold Cereal

Day 5: French Toast or Cold Cereal

Breakfast is at 9 am only.

Coffee is not offered in the building where we were staying. It isn’t even available before 7:30 am and if you get stuck out back, you’ll have to dress for the hike around the house to go up to the main house for morning coffee. There are no provisions in the room for making your own coffee.

Breakfast with strangers at the Whitehouse Inn B&B

Everyone is seated together in the dining room in the main house for breakfast at 9 am. We do not know any of these fine folks. If  you are a shy person, you may not enjoy this arrangement. I’m not shy so I found these folks to be interesting. Neither my husband or I were a fan of not having the option to dine alone. 


Location was fabulous for all of the things we had on our to-do list. Colonial Williamsburg is only a few blocks away.

The exterior appearance of the main house is gorgeous.

There were plenty of pillows for the bed.

The bed was comfortable.

The Innkeeper who greeted us upon arrival provided us with lots of information about the area.

Carriage House building behind White House Inn B&B where we stayed


Oh, I wanted to get a refund and leave when we got up the very first day after checking in. We were both super disappointed to be in a building behind the house. My husband informed me there is a No Refund policy. What? How in the world is that even possible? Sure enough, that information is on their website. So, I started reading reviews. 

Once we started actually reading the reviews we saw people complaining about the same things we didn’t like; no luggage rack, no morning coffee, late breakfast, cheap breakfast, cheap toilet paper. Then we also read the Innkeepers response to these reviews which was rather nasty. Together my husband and I decided we had learned a valuable lesson but we are not willing to completely ruin an expensive vacation by creating ill feelings with the Innkeeper for the remainder of our vacation. 


My husband had indeed looked at the reviews prior to booking. They had 5 stars which is good so no need to look further. He showed  me the picture of the front of the house. We looked at pictures of the rooms online together. It looks nice in pictures.  We saw those 5 stars on multiple travel sites but did not actually read any of the reviews until we were stuck there. 

My advice to you is to actually read reviews both good and bad. You may not care about cheap toilet paper but no morning coffee is a deal breaker or the other way around.  You may be willing to live with a tiny little shower for a whole week but maybe not if you are paying pretty much the same as a week stay in a luxury resort.

We were expecting and planning for our stay in the B&B to be part of our vacation experience in Virginia this summer. The only part of our vacation which didn’t live up to our expectations was the B&B. Williamsburg was great. We are glad we went and gave ourselves the opportunity to explore American history.

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  1. That’s a shame that it was less than what was advertised! Being placed in a building behind the main house would have bad enough, but that combined with the other things you mentioned, made it a dud. Those breakfast choices are bland. Dave and I still talk about the delicious breakfasts we had a number of years ago at a B&B in Asheville, NC. Reading reviews is a must. Glad that the rest of your trip was wonderful! Williamsburg is a lovely town to visit.

  2. That’s too bad that there wasn’t a refund policy. Did you take a picture of the room you got stuck in? Would love to see a side by side comparison to what is shown on the site and what you got.

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