The Grandparents Guide for Back To School

The Grandparents Guide for Back To School

Schooling the children is a family affair. The grandparents have a role just as important as the parental role. It takes a village, right!

The Grandparents Guide for Back to

I once saw a bumper sticker which read “If I had known grandchildren were so great, I would have had them first!”

Why should you be involved in your grandchildren’s education? Children are more successful in school when they are encouraged and surrounded by a strong support system. You are a vital part of that system.

How can you be involved in your grandchildren’s education?

Attend open house and meet the teachers. This makes the student feel very special to be surrounded by those who love them in the place which takes up so much of their life. It also allows the teachers to put a name with a face for those many visits you will inevitable make to the school for special occasions.

Get yourself a copy of the yearly events calendar and academic calendar. Having the calendars in advance will make it much easier for you to schedule attendance for all the special events you are able to attend. Having attended Grandparents Day for many years, I’ve seen firsthand, the students who had no one to show up for their special day. Please plan to be there for your grandchild.

Below is an academic calendar which shares important dates for the entire school district. You can print your district calendar online from your Board of Education website. You will need to request the Events calendar from the school your grandchildren attend. Each school will have different events and event dates.

Houston County School Calendar 2016-2017

Get your name on the Volunteer Rooster. You may not have time for volunteering at the school but there may actually be a task you could do for the teacher(s) which doesn’t involve actually being present. There is a plethora of volunteer jobs and tasks which must be completed. Even if you have one week available for the entire school year, go for it! Be sure to let your grandchild know each time you volunteer, so they get the joy of feeling special. A few possible volunteer tasks include:

  • Classroom (grading papers, reading stories)
  • Tutoring
  • Office
  • Media Center (shelving books, reading..)
  • Field trips chaperone
  • Science lab
  • Musical assistance
  • Lunchroom supervision
  • Booster Club activities
  • Art
  • PTA (fundraising, labels for education..)

Write this down. Keep a record of:

  • The teacher’s names for each of your grandchildren.
  • What time the school day begins officially
  • What time the school day ends
  • What time the student is considered tardy in the morning
  • Lunch time and duration and lunchroom location in the building
  • Which days are PE (sadly, PE does not occur every day) If your grandchild is spending the night with you on a school night and the next day is PE, they may require special clothing or shoes.
  • The bus number and driver’s name if your student rides the bus
  • Request the windshield number for child pick-up at the beginning of the school year. This is a really big deal and of utmost importance. Thankfully, just anyone cannot get those windshield signs! There will undoubtedly be times when you may need to pick the grandchildren up from school. School officials will not be able to release your grandchildren to you without proper identification and the required documents (those windshield number signs).

Go to lunch with your grandchild. Parents and grandparents are regulars in the lunchroom. The staff has accommodations in place already. Many schools have special seating areas to make the student feel special when they have a guest. Some schools will allow you to bring lunch for yourself and the student, others do not allow outside food. Check with the office for the rules at your school. We have 5 grandchildren (all siblings) in 4 different schools. We take turns having lunch with them throughout the school year. Our district does allow outside food, so we take whatever their special request is for the day. School lunches are usually only 20 minutes so it’s important to be on time.

Share your area of expertise. Have you been blessed with the gift of creativity? Are you good at drawing? Are you a math whiz?  Whatever your area of expertise may be, share it with your grandchild. They may have a school project which you can help them on. Utilize the Teach me, Show me, Watch me method when helping with a school project. Help out with math homework. Be sure to ask open ended questions to allow the student to reason their way to the correct answer or the method involved in finding the correct answer. What a fun way to spend quality time with a grandchild!

If you can do any or all of these tips to be involved in your grandchildren’s life at school, you will be making a lasting impression on your grandchild. I remember vividly the one time my grandmother sat down with me and helped me with my penmanship!

  1. Attend open house and meet the teachers
  2. Get yourself a copy of the yearly events calendar and academic calendar
  3. Get your name on the Volunteer Rooster
  4. Write down and keep a record of all the pertinent information pertaining to people, places, times and things
  5. Go to lunch with your grandchild
  6. Share your area of expertise

The Grandparents Guide for Back to School


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  1. This would seem to b a sweet idea for grandparents, even if the kid doesn’t appreciate the deeds they do when they’re young they’ll eventually realize how awesome these grandparents are later on.

  2. I don’t know, both from my Granny from my dad’s and mom’s side just gives me money randomly for food from time to time. When I got bullied my Grand Dad told me if the bully comes again, do anything to fight back to spit, and to kick his groin (he was a good boxer too back then, won competitions and stuff) well I guess the main role of the Grand parents is to help deal with the small things you can’t deal with when you were young.

  3. This post is so useful and reminds us that grandparents can be so involved with their grandchildren if they choose to be. Thank you for sharing this with us at #AnythngGoes link up
    sue recently posted…Anything Goes #16My Profile

  4. I love this post and it is timely as my little grandson is starting kindergarten this week although that is not big school it is a big event in our lives. I like the idea of sharing your expertise and also having lunch with your grandchild. Such an important relationship – grandparent and grandchild. Thanks for sharing these ideas with us at #WednesdaysWisdom and see you next week!
    sue recently posted…Infopic – Walk Your Way To Fitness – Advanced LevelMy Profile

  5. What a helpful post. Grandparents can be just so important in kids lives. They often don’t have the stresses that the kids parents do. I do like your bumper sticker quote “If I had known grandchildren were so great, I would have had them first!”
    Shirley we do love you partying with us on Fridays Blog Booster Party #17
    Kathleen recently posted…The Pinterest Game #4aMy Profile

  6. This is great info for Grandparents and parents alike. There are so many areas in which they could participate in their children’s education and make them feel special. And at the same time, help out their teachers. As a school teacher, I don’t remember having grandparents come by but I sure had parents who volunteered at lunch, field trips, and other areas which helped a whole lot.
    zan recently posted…Nautical Table Setting – Casual EntertainingMy Profile

  7. These are great tips. My kids’ grandparents weren’t involved much because two live in Hawaii. Anyway, I know my kids would’ve loved to spend more time with their grandparents and even asked when they were younger if they could come to their school events. It does make a child feel important and loved, so I think it’s important for even grandparents to show up at school events.
    Erlene recently posted…REACH® Complete Care for Clean TeethMy Profile

  8. These are all great ways to get and stay involved in kid’s school activities. As a former principal, I was always thrilled when grandparents played an active role in their grandchildren’s school activities.

    My husband and I help out with transporting our grandson to his piano lessons and attend all school and sports functions. We try not to miss a thing! And I use that quote about having grandkids first all the time. It’s so true. 🙂
    Alli recently posted…Salted Caramel Ice Cream TorteMy Profile

    • We do the same thing Alli. Some of our most fond memories are created together watching the Grand’s play ball every year. My daughter reminded me today that Back to School Open House is this week! We always go meet the teachers, we’ll be seeing them again. 🙂
      Shirley Wood recently posted…Summer Fun Linky Party #7My Profile

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