A Summer Lemon Tablescape In The Kitchen

Bring the outdoors inside by creating a bright and colorful summer lemon tablescape to enjoy in your kitchen. Pair bright yellow and blue elements for a bright summer feeling on the dinner table.

Lemon Tablescape

This is my favorite lemon tablescape I have ever created thus far. I very much love the bright cheerful feeling of bringing outdoor colors inside, especially in an area of the home where we seem to spend a lot of time, the kitchen or breakfast nook.

This year I decided to keep my summer tablescape simple. I must confess, coming out of nearly a year of being shut in most of the time due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I was pretty excited to do some summer decorating in bright colors.

Yellow and blue place setting on a lemon themed tablescape
Yellow and Blue Place Setting

Place Setting

Simple settings rather than an elaborate plate stack was perfect for this table. A yellow placemat topped with a blue and white charger, found at Hobby Lobby, followed by the lemon dishes. A fun way to skip napkin rings is to tie a simple loose knot as I did into these linen yellow and white plaid napkins to finish the table setting. The combination of blue and yellow colors in the place setting make it more fun.

Lemon Plates

Dollar Tree had these cute lemon dishes which I picked up a couple years ago. I knew they would be fun on a tablescape one day. I only bought four knowing I wanted to use them in my kitchen for a cozy setting.

amber colored vintage drinking glass

Amber Glasses

Being very determined to use what I have, I tried three different styles of glasses on this table. Mason jars, heavy clear cut crystal tea glasses and these vintage amber footed glasses. Even though the amber isn’t yellow, I thought they offered a nice contrast. It’s nice to use these again since they remind me of my youth. My Mom had a set back in the 70’s when my brothers and I were teens. If I was a betting girl, I’d bet she bought them at the grocery store.

Lemon tablescape

Yellow Table Runner

My table runner is a solid yellow piece of fabric from my craft room. I did consider a lemon laden table runner which was really pretty that I found at Home Goods. After much consideration I didn’t buy it because I thought it might take away from the lemon dinner plates and make the table too busy.

I considered making the runner shorter but decided I loved the pop of color it added running the length of the table. In the end, I’m really happy with all of the solids including the fabric table runner and yellow placemats.

lemon cake
Old Fashioned Three Layer Lemon Cake

Lemon Centerpiece

Summer brings out the lemon recipes, doesn’t it. Why not use my fresh baked Old Fashioned Three Layer Lemon Cake for my centerpiece? No reason why I shouldn’t and so I did. Here’s the recipe. You will find more lemon recipes at the bottom of this post.

The cake stand has been in my home for so many years, I can’t even remember. I love using crystal or cut glass cake stands because they show off the cake so well.

Vintage Summer Lemon Tablescape

The Tablecloth

There is a possibility the tablecloth might be almost as old as I am. It’s a white bedsheet my Mom embroidered so many years ago. The embroidery is fading and disappearing in some places. I bring it out only a couple times each year because it brings back sweet memories of my Mom and all those big family dinners she cooked. She would cover the food on the table with this tablecloth until everyone was ready to eat again. No, it wasn’t under the food, it was on top of the food.

Lemon Tablescape beyond the table


Lemon Tablescape and Breakfast Nook

Faux Lemons and Fresh Lemons

The real lemons are part of the decor on the three layer cake centerpiece. I used faux lemons to fill the vintage Pyrex bowl on the antique secretary behind the table. The painted lemons on the dishes complete the look.

Lots of bright yellow

Just the right amount of bright yellow is toned down with the white tablecloth and the blue accessories. A yellow fabric table runner and round yellow placemats are accented by the yellow and white plaid linen napkins on the table.

The center of the secretary behind the table is decorated with a white porcelain platter which has been filled with a live houseplant in a deep blue pot, a vintage yellow Pyrex bowl filled with faux lemons and a deep blue tall candle. Blue and white vases filled with faux lemon branches flank the farmhouse style centerpiece.

You can take a closer look at the antique secretary here where I shared lots of pictures including how the desk opens.

This fun summer tablescape was quick and easy to set up and makes our kitchen bright and cheery. Maybe next year I will create a summer tablescape in the dining room.

Shop The Look


You can shop online and pick up in store or have it delivered from Dollar Tree. Here’s my affiliate link if you are ready to shop now, I mean not right now, but after you finish looking at all the pretty pictures here.

I can’t help but wonder if someday in the future, all of those $1 things we bought from Dollar Tree might be worth more. My Mom used to shop at the 5¢ and 10¢ Store. That was before my time. I own a few of the things she bought from there and they are priceless to me but likely would fetch a few more bucks these days as collectors items.

Faux Lemon Branches and Faux Lemons from Michael’s.

Round Yellow place mats, Amazon.

Large Blue Pillar Candle, Amazon.

Yellow Plaid Cloth Napkins. Mine are from Home Goods and no longer available but I found these which I also l-o-v-e on Amazon.

Blue and White Chargers are from Hobby Lobby, not an affiliate.

(as an Amazon affiliate, I earn a commission on qualifying purchases at no additional charge to you.)

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