Help for my High Blood Pressure

I have recently began taking Pravastatin Sodium for my bad cholesterol. Unfortunately, I believe it is causing my blood pressure to be high, which of course I will discuss with my doctor.  I take a medication for the hypertension anyway. Because my blood pressure was elevated, I did what all self respecting internet addicts would do and went online in search of a quick fix to get my blood pressure down ‘right now’. It wasn’t that high but it did make me wonder ‘what if’ so off to the internet I went. There is actually some pretty good tips out there which I feel like you may benefit from as well.
First and foremost, I am NOT a physician nor do I play one on TV. I am simply a blogger sharing some of the good stuff I find online with you fine folks. If you suspect you have hypertension, call your doctor! Hypertension is a serious illness which can result in death according to the American Heart Association.
One of the sites I found helpful was ABC News with this article entitled 13 Natural Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure. Some of them are common sense, cut down on salt intake and switch to decaf. Some are certainly doable and news to me, such as the deep breathing exercises. I tried that one and it did help.
Huffinton Post published an article recently entitled Fiftysomething Diet: 5 Foods That Will Bring Your Blood Pressure Down. Those 5 foods are bananas, avocado’s, yogurt, dark chocolate and red wine. Does anyone have a recipe using all of those ingredients together? If so, please share it with us in the comments section. We shall down a glass of red wine while we prepare the recipe. I have avocado and yogurt in my refrigerator right now!
Finally the American Heart Association probably is the best place on the internet for information. They have a plethora of it! Go to this page link, Your Path to Healthy Blood Pressure, then click here to get to the Eat a Better Diet link. There you will find the most helpful advice on the internet about hypertension. I have shared the American Heart Association  article on Managing Your Blood Pressure with a Heart Healthy Diet in a separate post, please be sure to go to my home page and read that as well.


Thank you for sharing!

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