Coupons in the Mail Box

We got our Home Made Simple coupon booklet in the mail yesterday! There are $13 in coupons inside. Click the link to register on their website, it’s free! You can get these great offers also!
              Cascade Action pacs .50
              Dawn Hand Renewal  .50
              Swiffer Wet Jet  $3.00
              Swiffer Wet Jet pads  $1.00
              Mr. Clean Magic Eraser  .50
              Mr. Clean liquid or spray  .50
              Febreeze (any)    $2/2
              Febreeze Stick or Set & Refresh  $1
              Swiffer duster starter kit  $1
              Swiffer dust & shine spray  $1
              Swiffer Sweeper starter kit  $1
              Swiffer sweeper refill  $1

Thank you for sharing!

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