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I feel off the coupon wagon! It was a hard fall too. They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. That was my confession. I am picking myself up, dusting myself off and getting back on the Extreme Couponing wagon. In my defense I must say that our stockpile was off the hook! I haven’t couponed since last August and our stockpile has only recently began to diminish noticeably.

This is my first trip back out there. I got a few nice deals at Kroger this week. The Kroger sales run Wednesday to Wednesday now so these deals are still available.

Kroger 4 10 14.intelligentdomestications.comThe Dole pineapple deal is nice because it makes them less expensive than the store brand. My Kroger no longer doubles so my Out of Pocket price was .75 cent, I’m happy with that.

The Private Selection beef patties is a great deal. They are on sale for 7.99 (reg. 9.99) There is also a $1.50 e coupon on which makes the Out of Pocket price only $6.49!!

Kraft Cheese singles, reg. 2.99, on sale for 1.99 then use the .50 cent e coupon to pay only 1.49

Ken’s dressing is 1.99 minus the .50 cent e coupon making it only 1.49 ( I sure do miss those double Q’s)

Sweet Baby Ray’s Bar-b-q sauce is 1.49 minus the .50 e coupon making it only .99

Seattle’s Best Coffee is on sale for 5.99 minus $2.00 printed coupon from Facebook.

It’s a start. I am excited to get back into extreme couponing. We are empty nesters now so we really don’t need a giant stockpile. Extreme couponing is a lot of fun. I hope to share my Weekly totals as a regular post from time to time. I’ve been extreme couponing for many years and have even taught classes to others. It comes natural to me and is just as much fun as I imagine hunting might be for those who enjoy that sport.

Are you a couponer?


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  1. I’m never done the extreme couponing thing, but I love to hear all about it! I do use coupons, but not near as much as I should. I need to do better!

    1. Alli, I started shopping with coupons way back in the late 70’s when it wasn’t cool and coupon values were more like .10 cent and a nickel. I taught both of my daughters to save with coupons also. Once you see the savings, it becomes a quest.

  2. Great deals and great stockpile…lol….Sometimes I spend time couponing only to find out that I forgot the coupons at home or what they offer, we don’t use. I am not as extreme, but when I get deals, they are usually good!

    1. Zan, I would not even buy groceries if I left my coupons at home! Once you get the hang of extreme couponing and see how much you are saving your family off the regular price of groceries, you won’t leave those coupons at home!

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