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How to Have a Baby With Almost No Expenses in the First Year is a question many people ask themselves when family planning.

How to have a baby with almost no expenses the first year. Baby Budgeting Tips #babybudgeting #baby

Let’s jump right into these 6 Baby Budgeting Tips PLUS 2 Bonus Tips!

  1. Baby Shower
Invite everyone who cares about you because they all want to shower you and the baby with gifts. And the more people you have…the more gifts your baby receives. Maybe even post on social media that if you forgot anyone (pregnancy brain), to please message you so you can send them an invite. This may also remind out of state loved ones to send you a gift from your registry!
Register for essentials too like baby soap, medicine/Tylenol, laundry detergent and gift cards. And save those gift cards because you may need them more in a few months than you do before the baby comes. Try not to register for the frivolous stuff on the so-called “necessities list” from the Baby Stores. Instead, bring an experienced mom with you, to help guide and explain. And don’t feel bad exchanging gifts from your shower, especially if you get too many outfits in the 3 month old size, and need more 12 month old ones.
Diaper Raffle!!!! This is an absolute must and will save you tons!!! Along with the invitation, ask guests to please bring a pack of diapers to be entered into a diaper raffle. Everyone brings diapers for the baby for a chance at a prize. I had enough diapers to last me well over a year! (PS…you can exchange them for various sizes if you get too many size 1s, etc.)
How to have a baby with almost no expenses the first year
2. Thrifting
Garage Sales or Second Hand stores are great to find cheap, gently used baby items, however I would never buy a used car seat! Safety First!
Embark upon a journey of Repurpose and Thrifted Living all over your home! See These Ideas for inspiration.

3. Let your friends know that you LOVE hand me downs

Hand me downs are amazing when it comes to babies! They grow so fast, that you might as well get extra use out of baby items. This is especially wonderful if you have a close friend or family member who is willing to pass down big items like a stroller, crib or high chair.

4. Accept  Generosity

Accept food donations, gladly. If your neighbors or friends ask if you need anything or offer a meal, kindly accept! They want to help! Plus, it saves you the hassle and expense of preparing food! We are still making a casserole recipe which was brought to our home by an Aunt when my baby girl was born more than 30 years ago!
How to have a baby with almost no expenses the first year

5. Try everything you can to breastfeed

Breastfeeding will literally save you thousands of dollars, it is amazing for your baby and it helps you lose weight! It is a win-win! Nowadays there are so many free resources to help new moms with breastfeeding too, like lactation nurses and breastfeeding classes…even YouTube videos. (FYI formula can cost over $200 per month, so avoid this extra expense if you can!)
Breastfeeding is not for everyone and that is perfectly fine! Use those baby formula grocery store coupons that magically began appearing in your mailbox when you brought your new baby home!

6. Check out doctors Well Babyplans and delivery fees

Do your research and make sure that you have the best medical plan (if you have options). Make sure you know how much it will cost for labor and delivery because you don’t want to get stuck with huge medical bills! Also research the “Well Baby” plan visits for the baby’s first two years, as many medical plans include these visits for free.

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So with a huge baby shower, generous friends and family, free breast milk and a year’s worth of “raffle” diapers…your new baby will be all set!
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In a nutshell!

1. Baby Shower. Be smart about registering for things you will need. I especially like Valerie’s advice to save gift cards for the next few months after the baby arrives.
2. Thirfting. Consignment stores are a great place to find gently used clothing for your fast growing bundle of joy.
3. Hand me downs. Get into a clothing swap circle with friends!
4.Accept generocity. My aunt brought a casserole to our home 29 years ago when I came home from the hospital with my youngest daughter. We got the recipe and still make that dish and enjoy the memories.
5. Breastfeed if possible. Some Mom’s just can’t but give it every effort if possible. Formula and diapers are heavy hitters on the budget.
6. Know your Insurance. Make sure you have the most beneficial policy for your family. If monthly premiums seem high, do the math against co-pays and doctor bills, you may come out better with a higher premium in the long run.

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