The first thing you should know about couponing in today’s society is, This Ain’t How Momma Did It ! Momma planned her menus for the week, then created her grocery list from that. She checked the pantry and ‘fridge then headed out, list in hand. This is one of the most expensive manners to provide groceries in your home.
Couponing to a full pantry is multi-faceted.
Step 1, Plan your grocery shopping around the sales,
Step 2, Plan your grocery sales shopping around your coupons,
Step 3, Build a stockpile,
Step 4, Plan your menus around your stockpile.Do not panic about the word, stockpile! Your stockpile should be relative to your family’s needs. Please don’t allow your stockpile to overcome your home so that you can no longer park a car in the garage of lose a sock under the bed. You will naturally develop a rule of thumb as to how many per item you will keep on hand for your family. Grocery sales run in cycles of anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks. With that in mind, you will begin to accumulate those items your family prefers based on the sales cycles and your coupon match-ups. Once you establish your stockpile, you will develop better menu planning habits.