Yard Sale Tips for Buyers & Sellers

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I’m sharing my Yard Sale Tips for Buyers & Sellers with more than 35 years of experience on both sides of the spectrum.

There are really 5 seasons of the year! We must not forget Yard Sale Season! Be sure to share your own yard sale tips for buyers & sellers with us in the comments.

Yard Sale Tips for Buyers and Sellers.intelligentdomestications.com

My yard sale tips  for buyers & sellers include

  • Advertising
  • Sign placement
  • Pricing and more ( Are you willing to negotiate?)

I recently had the joy of Guest posting for Amanda at Busy Mama 911. Amanda is a family, faith and lifestyle blogger. She works full time as a third shift 911 Operator. (We appreciate 911 Operators!) When she isn’t blogging, working and busy with family, she is also an Independent Lilla Rose Consultant. Amanda was recently diagnosed with Giant Cell Tumor. As a 911 Operator, Amanda understands the need for people to be informed. She writes candidly about her cancer experience which you can read here.  Please visit Busy Mama 911 and show support by following along on Social Media.

Please visit Amanda’s blog to read all of the great tips and tricks I have shared for Yard Sale shoppers and yard sale hosts!  After more than 35 years of shopping yard sales and thrift stores, I feel connected with free advice (smiling) to share!

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Go here for the post, Yard Sale Season Tips from Intelligent Domestications over at Busy Mama 911.

Amanda Smith, the voice behind Busy Mama 911
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    1. I do not know how she does it! She has a big family too! Amanda is a great blogger buddy for sure! Maybe being a 911 Operator has made her stronger! She is a survivor for sure!

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