13 Must Have Shoe Styles For Every Girl

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Shoe styles every girl wants

Girls shoe styles change but do they really? Shoes styles are a little like car styles. You still put your foot in and there is a predisposed shape but colors and minor style changes occur a little bit along.

The only requirement necessary to be qualified to discuss shoes in my book is being a person who wears them. We all have an opinion about shoes. If you want to know, just ask anyone about their shoes and a conversation will begin.

High Heel Shoes for Women

High heel shoes are probably the very first shoe a little girl looks most forward to wearing when she is playing dress-up.

High heels come in low heel, medium heel and spike heels. You can get them in most any color or pattern. Most of us love these more when we are younger because we are willing to tolerate the discomfort. 

You can find a few things on the market to help tolerate the pain now such as these high heel relief insoles.

Six pair of Women's classic high heel shoe styles

Shoe Styles Change Or Do They?

When I was younger, much younger, I wore high heels and ‘stacks’ that were in style in my era. There was a shoe store downtown that I liked to frequent. It was David’s Shoes in downtown Macon, Ga. My friends and I shopped there during our high school years before the Mall era began. 

As a teen in the 70’s, we had great fashion styles to choose from. Because I loved having cool clothes, I got a job at a boutique clothing store just so I could get the discount.

I remember when white Ked’s were a big deal and the Bedazzler was the thing to dress them up with.

Jelly shoes were a big deal in the 80’s and my daughter had a pair for every occasion. They are back and she is wearing them again.

How Many Pair of Shoes Do Most Women Own?

How many pairs of shoes are in your closet? Are there more than 13? According to Shoeaholics Anonymous, yes there is such a website, the average woman in the USA owns 17 pairs of shoes. Pardon me while I go count my shoes. I will not be reporting the final number but I’m sure some of them are due to be donated.

Boots are simply a must have for sure

Is one pair of boots enough? I say no because you need the ankle boots, the knee boots, the leather boots, the velour boots and a winter must have is fur lined boots.

Boot Storage Tip: Use pool noodles tucked into boots to help them keep their shape.

Women sitting on a wall showing off their boots

When To Replace Your Athletic Shoes

According to a cursory online search, it seems that we should replace our athletic shoes or sneakers about every 3 to 6 months depending on how often you wear them. All I heard was, I can get new shoes every 3 months!

4 pair of Women's Nike sneakers modeled

Women’s Flats are a classic shoe style

Women’s and girls flats are a classic shoe style. They are especially handy for little girls to wear with dresses to church and are just adorable. Some taller women wear flats to keep from appearing so tall. That is not a problem I have at a whopping 5 ft. 0″. However I do love a good pair of flats to wear with pants. 

7 pair of Women's classic flat shoe styles 

Must Have Shoes For Every Girls Wardrobe

A list of must have shoe styles for every girl. Our list includes flats, heels, boots, sneakers, sandals and more.

Girl’s Shoe Styles

Girls shoe styles change and yet they remain the same. There are some must have styles we all need in our shoe collections.

We all need summer shoes, flats, casual, athletic, dress shoes, boots are a must have for sure. Loafers are nice with a particular casual wardrobe and the perfect pair of course. 

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13 Must Have Shoes for Every Girl. Shoe styles to complete your wardrobe

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