Our Most Popular Recipes From 2018

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Taking a look back at Our Most Popular Recipes from the year is always one of my favorite things to do. I always challenge myself throughout the year to add more recipes, especially those we enjoy most in my family. 

Top Ten Most Popular Recipes of 2018. Our Most Popular Recipes you loved the most. These were all the most visited recipes on the blog for 2018. #popularrecipes #recipes

Of course we are counting down our Top 10 beginning with Number 10.

Homemade Crescent Apple Turnovers easy recipe. Delicious homemade dessert with only 4 ingredients #crescenrollrecipe #applerecipe

Number 10. Homemade Crescent Apple Turnovers

I love recipes using those yummy Crescent Rolls! This recipe making the Top 10 this year surprised me a little bit because it is actually from my first full year of blogging. 

Crockpot Brown Sugar and Pineapple ham recipe. Turn a classic ham into a delicious and beautiful holiday dish

Number 9. Crockpot Brown Sugar & Pineapple Glazed Ham

It’s a Crockpot recipe which means it frees up oven space when preparing a big meal. There are only 4 ingredients too and that makes it a winner for me!

You can’t have food without fun! Our Most Popular Family activities include: 

Homemade Vegetable Soup recipe. Make Vegetable Beef soup from scratch with our easy recipe. #soup

Number 8. Homemade Vegetable Soup

A winter favorite at my house is a big pot of Homemade Vegetable Soup. Anytime we bake a ham, my hubby knows a pot of soup is not far behind. I like to freeze the ham bone and add it to soup for a delicious flavor addition.

Mexican Three Meat House Special coypycat recipe. Shrimp, chicken and beef served on a bed of seasoned rice slathered with white cheese and grilled mushrooms and onions. You can get this as the house special at any Mexican restaurant.

Number 7. Mexican 3 Meat House Special Copycat Recipe

One of my favorite meals is this copycat recipe I created of the Mexican restaurant House Special. Every Mexican restaurant we visit has almost exactly the same House Special which is a combination of shrimp, chicken and beef. Some serve it over rice, others do not. Either way, it’s delicious and we love it so much we created our own version to make at home.

Number 6. Smoked Cornish Hen.

We had Smoked Cornish Hen for our New Year’s Meal to begin 2018. I shared the entire meal right here on my Instagram. Be sure to hit that heart!  This year we are planning to smoke a turkey breast. 

Homemade Creamy Cole Slaw recipe. Great side dish for so many meals no matter the season.

Number 5. Homemade Creamy Cole Slaw

See the Videos on our Facebook page to view me preparing this slaw! It is a simple easy recipe because we love using hacks and or cheats, whichever you prefer to call it. I like to call it an easy recipe. 

Easy recipe for Glazed Baked Spam. We serve this delicious comfort food dish over a bed of rice. Easy Spam recipe #spam #easyrecipe

Number 4. Glazed Baked Spam. 

It’s easy and affordable. We tend to cook this dish more often in the winter months as a comfort food. Spam is a big deal, they even have their own festival! Did you know there is one state which loves Spam more than any other? Yep, visit the recipe to see which one.

Number 3. Oven Baked Smothered Cube Steak

This recipe for Oven Baked Smothered Cube Steak has always been popular ever since I first published it on the blog. I make it just like my Mom taught me. Any time I tell my hubby I’m making this for dinner, he leaves work a few minutes early to come home in the evening.

How to make a Foil Pack Chicken Dinner at home. Foil Pack Chicken Dinners just like Cracker Barrel.

Number 2. Campfire Grilled Chicken & Veggie Foil pack Dinner

I make this easy recipe Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring because  you can make foil pack dinners in the oven or on the grill. They take a few minutes to put together but are so worth it in the end.

We have a variety of foil pack dinners on the blog. Just type ‘foil pack’ into our search bar for more ideas or visit our Recipes>Entrees page.

3 Ingredient BBQ wings Crockpot Recipe #BBQ #BBQWings #Crockpot ##crockpotrecipe #wingsrecipe

Number 1 is our 3 Ingredient Crockpot BBQ Wings.

These are a big hit with anyone for any reason. My family loves these when we have celebration dinners and I love how easy they are to prepare. 

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Top Ten Most Popular Recipes of 2018. Our Most Popular Recipes you loved the most. These were all the most visited recipes on the blog for 2018. #popularrecipes #recipes

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