12 Things You May Need to Add To Your November Budget

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Have you already made your November budget? You can make budget adjustments pretty much anytime, it doesn’t have to happen on November first. 

12 Things You May Need to Add To Your November Budget

  1. Thanksgiving groceries. Invite family members to bring a dish which cuts down on the additional grocery expenses related to Thanksgiving.
  2. Thanksgiving travel expenses. If you are traveling, staying with family will save you a bundle on hotel expenses! (Check Groupon for travel deals)
  3. Hosting house guests. Are you hosting Thanksgiving and have house guests arriving soon? There will be a few additional expenses related such as meals before or after Thanksgiving day, dinner out and additional energy usage to name a few. Don’t forget to buy additional toilet paper!
  4. Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping. Hopefully you have been saving all year and can simply transfer this money from savings to checking. (Remember to use Ebates for your cash back bonus!)
  5. Purchasing new decorations. The most frugal way to acquire holiday decorations is to add to your collection a little bit each year. DIY is another way to save and make memories at the same time. Lots of holiday DIY ideas here.
  6. Higher energy bill related to the season. Winter creeps in and the heater will kick on. (See 7 Ways to Reduce Your Winter Energy Bill)
  7. Winter clothing for the children. They are growing a little bit everyday! Thrift stores, consignment shops and big sales are the way to go but be ready in your budget!
  8. Extra charitable donations. Local charities and food banks need our help this time of year! 
  9. Entertainment. We love sharing the season with friends at parties or events. We also enjoy going to the movies more during the holidays which can be pricey.
  10. Work related celebrations. Do you need to take a dish or bake a dessert for an office party? Are you expected to contribute to a charitable fund?
  11. Extra auto fuel. You’ll be in the road much more so plan for an additional expense at the gas pump.
  12. Babysitter expense. You may need a baby sitter more often while you are busy tending to errands or enjoying fellowship with friends.

We are mostly talking gifts, food, travel, donations and decorations! See 30 Ways to Stretch The Budget in November.

What do you cut from your normal budget to be able to get through the holiday season without going bankrupt?

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12 Things You May Need to Add to Your November Budget. Family budgeting in November. November family finance

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