How I Saved Big At Publix This Week

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I am extremely excited to share with you how I saved big at Publix this week!

It’s been a few years since I did any extreme couponing at the grocery store. However after saving 73% off these groceries at Publix this week, I am back in!

How I Saved 73% off my groceries at Publix this week

Why I Am Returning To Extreme Couponing (and why I left)

We are not converting the blog over to a coupon blog. However we probably will share the details when our savings are awesome from time to time now that I have wrapped my brain back around it. I am convinced that you want to know how you can save big at the grocery store too! Am I right?

In a land far far away and many years ago, I was an extreme coupon queen with savings sometimes exceeding 90%. Our grocery stores suddenly stopped doubling coupons which was huge at the time. Rather than deal with all that clipping, filing and planning which takes hours, I chose to get into the digital coupon world which isn’t quite as extreme savings friendly. We also lived out in the country making all that driving to multiple grocery stores too expensive given the price of gas at the time. However we now live less than 5 miles from two of my favorite places to shop, Publix and Kroger. I have been noticing recently that savings are increasing making it worth the time and effort and I am so excited to get back into the game and save money on groceries!

I have been using digital coupons for years and also enjoy the cash back rewards from Ibotta. Most of my digital coupon savings came from Kroger but now I’m thrilled to make myself familiar with Publix digital coupon savings as well.

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The great thing about Publix is that you can stack coupons meaning if you have a Publix coupon AND a manufactures coupon, they will let you use both! PLUS, if it is a BOGO deal, well that is where the excitement comes in and how I saved 73% this week on these items.

How I Saved 73% at Publix This Week

These are ALL BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) deals except for the Crest which was $4.09 but I had a $2 off Publix digital coupon so it was half price!

Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes  BOGO plus I had .40 q from Kellogg’s Family Rewards

Hunt’s Manwich BOGO. No q Paid $1.17 for 2 cans or .58¢ each. That is a stock up price for me.

Campbell’s Cream of Soups BOGO plus I had .40¢ off Q wyb 4. PLUS an .80¢ Publix digital q

Del Monte canned vegetables BOGO plus this coupon for .50¢ off wyb 4.

Mrs. T’s Perogies BOGO plus this printable coupon for $1 off wyb 2.

Mama Lucia Meatballs BOGO plus $1/1 which is a Publix digital coupon.

Steak-Umm BOGO No additional savings. (Great for making Philly Cheese steak sandwiches)

Bryers Delights $1 off sale price plus this RARE BOGO coupon found here (I shared this on my Facebook page)

Planter’s Cashews BOGO with no additional savings.

Thanks to for the coupon match-ups!

Meals this week using these groceries

Easy recipe for 3 Ingredient BBQ Meatballs.

I’ll be making my easy recipe for 3 Ingredient BBQ Meatballs in the next few days! I will probably serve the meatballs on a bed of rice.

Meat and Potato Casserole recipe

I picked up two of the ingredients for my Meat & Potato Casserole with this trip; Del Monte Sliced potatoes and Cream of Mushroom soup! FYI Publix Bacon is also BOGO right now.

Oven Baked Home style Fries

Sloppy Joe’s and my Oven Baked Homestyle Fries. Publix has a 5lb. bag of Russet potatoes for $2.99.

Follow me on Instagram where I often share our meals from the dining table even if they are not recipes on the blog. I will be sure to share some of these when I cook them!

I wonder what will be BOGO next! I love saving money, don’t you!


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