DIY Distressed Clay Pots

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My DIY Distressed Clay Pots began their journey as a thrift store purchase. You never know what you might find in the thrift store. That’s why I go often.

DIY your own clay pots and then take it a step further with stencils

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DIY Distressed Clay Pots Stenciled Faith Decor

I’ve always been a sucker for clay pots for some reason. They have so much potential. I found these in the Hospice Thrift Store. I love going there because there is always something new to consider. 

Supplies Needed

  • Clay pots
  • 2 contrasting colors of spray paint
  • Fine grit sand paper
  • Lacquer

Thrift store clay pots

Sometimes you can find new or fairly new items at the thrift store. This was one of those times for me. I started not to purchase them because of the printed info but I knew paint would cover it. Plus they were only .49 each!

Clay pots painted red

If you look close you’ll see the Terra cotta through the red paint. I knew the second coat of black would cover it.

Wouldn’t bright red pots look pretty in an outdoor floral setting? I think so but I wanted to use these indoors since they are actually small. 

Clay pot makeover, painted and sanded

I added a coat of flat black spray paint on top of the red so I could give them a red and black distressed look. I am currently having a love affair with distressed black anything. My thrift upcycle project from last month is this Jewelry Box Makeover which is also distressed. I promise the next project is completely different, I’m already working on it.

I used a piece of fine grit sand paper to create a distressed look so the red could peek through just a bit.

Clay pots with stensil taped into place

Have you seen the price of faith decor? It’s super duper expensive but it’s such a pleasure to have pieces around the house as a reminder of our faith.

I picked up a set of faith stencils to create my own decor. This is my first time using them and wouldn’t you know I used them on a rounded surface! I taped them down with good old fashioned duck tape. Then I carefully painted on two coats of gray paint. After allowing ample drying time, I removed the stencils.

The last thing I did to my DIY Distressed Clay Pots was to spray on a coat of lacquer for a nice shiny finish.
Thrifted clay pots makeover. Herb planters

I planted curled leaf parsley in the Joy pot and Basil in the Blessing pot. I’ve been using the curled leaf parsley in the kitchen so there isn’t much left right now. I need to get busy using the basil too!

Anytime you use pots for plants which have no drainage holes, you can do one of two things. One, add holes or two, add rocks. I added rocks to the bottom of the pots with herbs in them.

Add rocks in the bottom of the pot before using for plants

DIY Faith stenciled clay pot craft room paint brush storage

The Faith pot found a home in my craft room holding paint brushes.

My DIY Distressed Clay pots tutorial is super easy. It's easy to DIY your own faith decor with paint and stencils


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  1. Love your awesome paint skills, Shirley! You did a fantastic job making over these pots. 🙂 Sharing across my social media!

  2. Shirley, These turned out so cute! Love a good thrift store find that can be redone into something awesome! You did a great job with these. Thanks so much for sharing your posts with us this week at Snickerdoodle Sunday! Pinned to share 🙂

  3. You got such a great deal on those pots. I love distressed everything too and you used two of my favorite colors (red/black). Beautiful transformation.

  4. These look great, Shirley! You definitely got a these pots for a great price. I like how you layered the paint and added the stencil to the pots. You are going to enjoy these this summer!

    1. Thanks Julie. I have to gain control of my love affair with distressing anything black. My project next month won’t be black but I can’t promise it won’t be distressed 😉

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