Chic Wooden Lighting For Your Home

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This is a sponsored post compensated by Parrot Uncle. All opinions are my own.

Have you seen the Chic Wooden Lighting For Your Home on the market these days?

Parrot Uncle wooden light photo shared on their Facebook

We have been doing some remodeling in our home. It’s a process which takes time. There are many items on our to-do list which includes changing out some of the lighting fixtures. (The photo above is not our home folks, it’s from the good people at Parrot Uncle and you can find a link to that unique wooden pendant light here.)

I’m in love with the gorgeous chic wooden hanging lights I found over at Parrot Uncle! If you’re not familiar with Parrot Uncle, they have a huge selection of lighting for the home! There is a big sale going on right now, cha ching, big savings! They also ship FREE for all orders over $50 with Free returns too!

I want to replace the boring hanging light over my kitchen table! Sorry but I can’t show that to you, it in no way compares to the gorgeous kitchen above! The leaf is out of our table so it’s currently a 60 inch round. We generally have our meals there so the lighting is important to us.

I shopped on the Parrot Uncle site and narrowed my choices down to these four. Help me decide. Which one do you like the best?

Chic wooden pendant lighting by Parrot Uncle

  1. Modern Style Spiral Shape Wooden Pendant Light

2. Modern Style Carambola Shade Wooden Pendant Light

3. Drum Shape Wooden Pendant Light in Natural Color

4. Modern Style Tapered Shade Wooden Pendant Light

I thought I had narrowed my choices down! Then I saw this and my heart skipped a beat!

10 Lights Burlywood Pendant Light with Iron Holder from Parrot UncleIt’s called the 10 Lights Burlywood Pendant Light with Iron Holder. I love the modern sleek look it would add to my kitchen, especially since I also love stainless steel appliances. I think this would be a good match. Do you think this chandelier would go well in a kitchen with stainless steel appliances?

6 Light Vintage Wooden Chandelier with Crystal Decorations at Parrot Uncle

I just couldn’t stop looking! I found this gorgeous wooden chandelier! It’s too fancy for the kitchen table but I love it just the same! It’s called 6-Light Vintage Wooden Chandelier with Crystal Decorations. Isn’t it gorgeous! Wood you believe the center is made of flaked wood!

So the kitchen is adjacent to the den in our home. Once that nice new lighting is hanging in the kitchen, we simply must begin to focus our attention on some new lighting options for the den too! I let my fingers do the shopping and I picked out my favorites to share with you.

I’d like to have a floor lamp which we can locate behind or beside of the sofa to create some reading light. Parrot Uncle has a nice selection of designer wooden lights to select from. I’ve narrowed my floor lamp selection down to these two. Which one do you like best?

Wooden Floor lamps at Parrot Uncle

Creative Modern Style Wooden Floor Lamp with Hanging Shade

Modern Style Adjustable Wooden Floor Lamp with Camera Shade

All products are between 20% and 50% off right now through Christmas. I probably need to make a decision so I can take advantage of the savings and the free shipping! Which floor lamp do you like best?

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Parrot Uncle wooden light photo shared on Facebook


Scroll the Parrot Uncle wall on Facebook to see beautiful photos of their lighting products in the home setting like this one above.

Parrot Uncle lighting. Read more about it at www.intelligentdomestications.com

Go Here to shop the Parrot Uncle sight for your lighting needs. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to hearing your opinion about my choices.


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  1. I’m so into lighting. I remember researching for weeks before I found the perfect chandelier for my dining room. I’m now in the process of replacing the lighting in my great room. I’ll head over and check this place out – I love all the lighting you showcased – beautiful!

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