Happy Memorial Day

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American Flag BannerHappy Memorial Day to all of you wonderful folks out there! I hope you enjoy this time to reflect on those who have served in each of the branches of our armed forces here in America.

Navy marching in Veteran's Day Parade in Biloxi, Ms. 2010.intelligentdomestications.com


I’d like to share with you this tremendous video featuring the Anthems of all 5 branches of the Armed Forces. The choir and orchestra from Prestonwood Baptist Church in Texas do a great job. There is a representative of each branch in their dress uniform who march up front and offer a salute during the performance for their particular branch. If you have never witnessed this Armed Forces Salute in person, I would encourage you to find a church in your area who may be doing it this year on the 4th of July. Expect chill bumps and lots of pride to overcome you!

American Flag Banner

Go Here to watch the Video


 God Bless The U.S.A.


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