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Blogging Advice and Services

You may be new to blogging, like me or a seasoned veteran. Either way, as a blogger you realize the need to be connected to a warm community of fellow bloggers. You may be seeking good sound advice and maybe even a dependable service offering assistance.

Meet Blogelina

Blogelina describes her site as “a community founded for women who love to blog by a woman who loves blogging!” I can genuinely attest this statement is true. Blogelina is the “Blogging Help You Need.”  I found Blogelina through a search as I was just beginning my blog a few short weeks ago.Tanya, the woman behind the curtain at Blogelina has been such a pleasure to work with these last few weeks. Customer service is excellent.

Buddy Groups

One of the services that I have enjoyed the most is the Blogging Buddy groups. Tanya will create buddy groups on Facebook for new members of her community. As a member of several of these Buddy groups, I have had the joy of meeting some wonderful bloggers just like myself. One of those is Kristen, entrepreneur of The Road to Domestication. Kristen is about to begin a wonderful Thanksgiving recipe share series. Another new blogging buddy is Lorelai of Life With Lorelai. Lorelai currently has a pumpkin carving contest going wide open. One of the assets of participating in buddy groups is the opportunity to share posts, participate in Facebook page shares, Pinterest shares and other outlets for helping each other grow.

Blogelina is about much more than blog promotion through social media.

Valuable and Affordable Online Blogging Classes 

Blogelina offers a series of 4-Week online classes. As a participant of those classes, I can honestly attest to the value of the knowledge presented. There is a live  Q&A session at the end of every  class. Tanya stays in contact via e-mail with additional free, optional classes. You will also receive a printable class manual filled beyond the brim with valuable information. I created a notebook for mine and have referred to it often already.

Transfer to WordPress

THIS BLOG IS MOVING TO WORDPRESS  tomorrow (10/24/13), thanks to Blogelina. Now, if you just happen to be very tech savvy, you may be able to make that move yourself. I purchased the service from Blogelina to have my blog moved to WordPress, one of the services she offers. This is much less stress on me!

Blog Makeover

We purchased our own domain! Beginning Oct. 24,2013 (tomorrow), our new address will be Along with our new address you will see a whole new look including those missing social media buttons, and a lovely new Studio Press Theme. Blogelina is doing our makeover too. A woman should never have to do her own makeover! Gift yourself this!

I’m so glad I found Blogelina! As an new blogger, there is an overwhelming amount of learning which must be done! Tanya has streamlined all of the most pertinent information, facts, support groups and affordable services into a wonderful website called Blogelina. I would encourage you to check it out, go here. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

This post contains affiliate links which may or may not become profitable for this blog. We sure hope they do!


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    1. I’m certain you will enjoy it as much as I did. Blogging can be a bit overwhelming at times. There is so much to learn and I want to know it all right now!

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