Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Free Printable

Tacky Christmas lights

My family is competing for prizes this year at the annual Christmas party! We will be playing several games, this Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt is one of them. We are really having fun with it by starting early.  I released a few of these Scavenger hunt items early on our Facebook event page. Everyone is supposed to post a picture on the event page of the early release items. They will then mark that item off the list. The rules for the Scavenger Hunt are up to you. You can ask your guests to take a picture with their Smart phone or simply write in the street name where they saw the item. We will have some enticing game prizes this year which should make for some really fun competition! Have fun with it!

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To see a silly picture of me playing the Reindeer Antler game and learn how to play go here.

~Merry Christmas~




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