WWE Theme Party

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We  always enjoy hosting a WWE Theme Party. This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our Disclosure Policy.  Planning parties is always fun and this one was no exception. I have seven grandchildren, six of which are boys. I know when I am outnumbered! My husband and three of our grandsons are WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) fans […]

Happenings in Middle Georgia And Beyond

Happening's in Middle Ga. and beyone On and Off the Beaten path. 350 buttom.intelligentdomestications.com

Welcome to Happenings in Middle Georgia and Beyond Keeping you informed of What’s Happening On and Off The Beaten Path in middle Georgia and beyond. Did you know that Georgia has lots of covered bridges? Learn more about the Watson Mill Bridge in Comer and more in this Explore Georgia article, HERE.  source Barnesville Strawberry Festival at […]

Rain Barrels: DIY or Buy

Rain Barrels DIY or Buy. Comparison at intelligentdomestications.com

Are you considering Rain Barrels: DIY or Buy for your home? We bought our rain barrels but you can DIY rain barrels relatively easy also. I’m sharing both options with you to help you decide. This post may contain affiliate links. Please see our Disclosure policy. Option 1: Buy We  purchased our rain barrels a […]

Signs, Treatment & Prevention of The Tomato Hornworm

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Have you had an encounter with that pesky Tomato Hornworm? We did. If we had known the Signs, Treatment & Prevention of the Tomato Hornworm, we could have saved this beautiful plant full of tomatoes. Those little creatures completely destroyed these beautiful tomato plants! It’s hard to believe that a creature so small can do […]